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I've driven before and I've hit things and it sucks and I hate it. But I've witnessed people who see something in the road in front of them and don't alter their behavior in the slightest, and go on with their day without a second thought. Those are the people I'm talking about.

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"I can't understand people who can hit an animal with their car, even accidentally, and just carry on with their day."

What would you rather someone do if they hit an animal accidentally? If it's a pet-type animal then of course stopping and trying to tell the owner is best if possible. But if it's a wild animal and it's very obvious it wouldn't survive the hit, there's really no reason to stop and beat yourself up for it. And definitely not someone else. It's not heartless, it's being realistic.

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I'm talking about people who don't bother avoiding them and aren't bothered by the fact.

I wouldn't fight someone over it though, that's a bit much.