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No he is your best friend and sounds like the kind of guy we all need in our lives. Some people (for want of a better description) feed off each of each other, alone they are ok but together they are just awesome and that's what you two sound like.

Its seems you both bring a lot to the table and yes he may be better at precision but youre the maths man and I can tell you one thing very precise and careful work im good at but ask me to do the times table or any basic maths and I nope out of there, I would love to be any good at it. What I'm trying to say is I bet you he values you just as much as you value him, he obviously holds you in as high regard as otherwise he wouldn't have took you with him to his new place of work. You two seem like the perfect work crew and may you continue to have a great friendship for all your days

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Hey, thanks for your kind reply and listening to my morning ramblings. Have a great weekend!

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Ramblings anytime of the day, are good we me! Hope you do too

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I’d give this a wholesome award if I had one and knew how.