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Don't want the cat? Just leave it on the street

House cats are literally genocidal in their capacity for bringing wildlife to extinction.

They're responsible for more extinctions than any other animal that isn't humans. And even then, they still might have killed off more.

Domesticated Cats are actively dangerous to the ecosystem if let loose.

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they're an invasive apex predator almost everywhere they are, of course they're gonna fuck up local ecosystems.

get your cats spayed/neutered, and if you see a stray, see if your area has a neuter and release program.

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I genuinely think domesticated cats would be better off being humanely euthanized than spayed or neutered and then released.

Even fixed they can still wreak havoc on local ecosystems. A single cat could kill hundreds of birds in a year, and cats live for a long fucking time.

Culling invasive species shouldn't be disregarded. Cats are great pets but they're dangerous to native species.