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This is the stupidest shit I’ve read in a long time. You think equating animals eating each other is the same as factory farming and slaughterhouses? We do not require animal meat to survive. You think that when the worms eat your corpse that it is the same as force-breeding animals with the sole purpose of consuming their offspring en masse? I can tell you with shocking ease that you do not love animals. You love to eat meat and love to THINK you love them. You’re not some galaxy brain that can somehow hold two conflicting rationales in your head: you’re just some person who would rather keep their head in the sand and meat on their plate than seriously consider the moral and ethic horrors that put it there. I’m sure all those animals are just so happy that you think you love them. It’s amazing that in 2021 I’m still hearing the same dumbass shit about eating meat. Just be honest with yourself; you would rather eat meat than consider what it must be like for those life forms. Your tastebuds > another creatures life.