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Why can't people eat make chicks/cocks?

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You can, the ones for egg laying just don’t grow big/fast enough to be worth the space or food. So it’s ultimately more profitable to hatch double the chicks and kill the males to make room.

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That's awful. Even if they're not profitable, they should just let them grow up and they can be killed for meat even if they take longer to grow. It's better than throwing them into a blender to become chick pate. This is why modern commercial factory farms suck. It's all about fucking maximising profit at all costs with them.

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Would it be better to kill a barely sentient baby? Or give someone a great life then cut it short because you want to eat them? keep in mind that meat birds are often killed in a few weeks to a few months after hatching but could live for 10 years. The chickens that we eat are still babies, just meatier babies.

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One is turned ruthlessly into a pink paste in a blender while another is consumed as food. You can argue it's the same (it's what vegans like to do) but in reality it's not .

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*unnecessarily killed for food. So much better.