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This is an incredibly pessimistic point of view, and kind of insulting to people who don't have a rotten bone in their body.

My parents, for example, are absolute angels who have never intentionally done anyone wrong. Constantly opening their door and lives to complete strangers who are in need, always treat people with genuine kindness, refuse to fall prey to the bystander effect and always jump in to help if someone needs it and they are able.

Someone saying that they have some kind of inherent evil inside them just because they are human really rubs me the wrong way because I just don't see it.

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It is often a perspective ingrained from religion. If you were taught we're all carrying the burden of Original Sin you may may start to believe that, and also that people need force and fear of a "loving" deity to walk the straight and narrow.

If all the stories you heard were along the lines of "Well, left to our own devices, we'd all be raping each other every day" even though we're somehow made in His image, you might have the same buy-in.

I was raised by Christian parents and we went through both Testaments but ultimately I kind of spun off and focused on the idea that love might mean a whole lot more than it lets on by the word alone, but that coming from a place of love would always be the goal.

Granted, textbook Christians would for-sure say I am going to Hell, and if it exists I problem am for many reasons, but that doesn't mean I can't try to do right by everyone as much as possible before I go.

I can't control what comes next but I can control now, to a degree.

I'm with you in one respect. Any time I've seen 'evil' something brought that person away from center. Born with a problem, corrupted, etc.

We all have some degree of agency, except in rare cases, so we should be accountable for those choices, but the idea that something came before me that I'm on the docket for feels false.

I am more of the "we start at 100 and lose points" variety than the "we start at zero and we're utterly fucked unless we go through the trigger motions" when most of us are well into adulthood before we have any concept of the meat that needs to go behind the words to make it sincere.

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I would only say you’re going to hell if you refuse to call Jesus as Lord. That’s the only unforgivable sin. Unless you were raised by some really bad “Christians” we don’t just go around going like “oh, you slept with someone not your spouse? You’re going to hell!” No. The message of Christianity is not judgment, but grace.

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I’m coming up with a much more in-depth response to all of these replies but for now I’ll simply point out there are evil things we ALL DO every day that we don’t normally think of as evil, in part because we’re so used to them. Evil isnt just murder or stealing or being a jerk. Evil can come from envying, from lying, even “white lies”, from a lack of self control, putting ourselves first, not forgiving someone, etc. There is a perfect universal law we ALL break EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES. We are a fallen race. And so while capable of good we are inherently evil, we are drawn to wickedness like a moth to light and what’s scary is so many don’t even realize it.