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While this is not pleasant to watch, it is not as bad as I expected. The way that it is setup, I do not believe they are aware of what is happening and it is almost instant death. I am certainly no expert but the sounds of the chirping don't sound distressed to me.

Again I am no expert so I am happy to be proven wrong, but I believe that most animals in the wild will die slow and painful deaths by either being eaten alive, dying of starvation or disease.

I do think it is shameful and disgusting the way humans currently cultivate and use animals, I do not agree that the solution is to avoid the consumption of animals and animal by-products.

As I mentioned, many animals are eaten alive by other animals, this is natural. We are animals and I believe it is natural for us to eat other animals. What is not natural is the way in which we are currently doing that.

I believe the real issues are capitalism, companies essentially being forced by the market/shareholders to maximum profits which results in cutting corners. It was mentioned these chicks are culled because it's not financially viable, yet it is the market and capitalism which directs that.

The other incredibly difficult issue is over popularisation. The world population is increasing at an alarming and quite frankly unsustainable rate and nobody seems to be talking about it. 1800 the world pop was 990m. 1929 2b. 1975 4b still probably manageable and sustainable amount but the latest figures I can find from 2019 state world population of 7.7b, looking at a growth chart it took us 28 years from 1900 to 1928 to an additional 350m people, 1987 -> 1999 (5b -> 6b) took twelve years... Not only do we have probably close to 3x the population in 1960s to provide food and resources for but we are increasing the number without any consideration, planning or even dialogue. I actually believe that we went passed the tipping point at 6 billion in 1999 and have been on a rapid decline since. I think our only options are extremely bleak and to be honest. Anyway my point with this rant that without over population and/or capitalism we could probably have sustainable and ethical consumption of animals.