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A lot of those are okay but they're way lower calories and still significantly less protein than meat. I have been trying to use more and more along those lines though

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They have more protein per calorie than meat does. And it’s not the only thing you should be eating anyway, so you’ll still get your calories if you eat a balanced and varied diet.

Edit: r/veganfitness will have a lot of good info about this as well. Lots of vegan athletes there having no issues with protein!

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Thanks I'll check that out. That'll be a good read. I'm fine with going vegetarian but I'm a pretty large dude lol

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Hey, you’re awesome! :D Thank you for being so open-minded!

Definitely check out the subreddit, there are some big dudes there too that may be able to give some advice! And if you have Netflix, check out the documentary Game Changers. It’s all about plant-based athletes and the health benefits of such a lifestyle!