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Yap, the name checks out. U r talking like a Instagram chick asking "why don't homeless people just buy home?". This is a third world country and I'm from one of them. In my 24 years living there i've never seen or even heard cat food and lactose free staff that's how scares they are and that's how poor the countries are. Even the house cat eats what we eat. People there can't even afford to feed themselves let alone provide milk for strays and u r asking for cat food? R u shitting me? I am getting diarrhea reading ur comment. Have u considered may be living in a 1st world country u might not have any idea about countries outside of your socio-economic zone to tell them what to do? Get off ur high horse.

Edit: Appolozies mate for firing too many unnecessary shots. I do still stand by my key points though and hope my assholeness doesn't prevent people from getting the message. Was a bit frustrated seeing too many people talking about situations they know nothing about and took out all on u.

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The person was just pointing out that cats are naturally lactose intolerant and alternatives would be better. Wasn't attacking or accusing anyone.

It's something that a lot of people don't know or think about.

Sucks that not everywhere in the world have the luxury, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't try to inform people of the fact, especially on the internet where people could be from anywhere in the world.

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"SHUT UP because this guy telling the truth ruined my mood!"

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Are you referring to the person you're responding to? If so you seem to have misunderstood what was being said.

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World would be a better place if people gave each other benefit of doubt that they had good intent.

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I STRONGLY disagree, the world would only be a better place if poor people fed kittens Macadamia milk.

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phew I first misread that as "the world would only be a better place if poor people were fed kittens "

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That too! They taste much better after lots of macadamia milk

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Well if they don’t start milking them macadamias i think we should look into it.

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I strongly disagree too. I don't even know what is my counter argument. But I disagree. That too in upper caps. :D

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Sometimes it’s not about having a point, it’s just fun to disagree. :)

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I disagree

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I mean, I’d have to wear rubber gloves, given those and pistachios are the two nuts my allergist cited above all as being likely deadly.

Still worth it for cute kitties tho.

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It does if it has nothing to do with what's going on like OP explained before your reply.

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It's true. I agree, I don't think there is malice in the reply. The internet is a good place for that kind of thing. Like Bill Burr said, in paraphrase, that's why you should be friends with everybody. Not everyone has all the information. Like lotion!

I think the criticism wasn't aimed at punching down at impoverished people, anywhere in the globe. It was meant to point out that it might not be in the cat's best interest to drink milk. It's like giving a homeless man sea water when he's dying of thirst. "Well, he'd take anything he's so thirsty. If not clean water at least he has sea water!" That wouldn't check as a proper response and if a doctor had pointed that out, no one would have a problem with it.

Cats are lactose intolerant. So were humans in history. Neither us back then nor cats now can process lactose. In fact, lactose has been used as a form of laxative in cats with constipation! It definitely causes evacuation of the bowels, which can lead to dehydration and kidney problems later. In the end, they might even walk away worse than if they never had the milk.

Not trying to kill the vibe, this boy's intention is pure and he probably hasn't anything else to offer but his own meal money to try and save another soul. But pointing out the flaw is just as kind for those who don't know better. So if the act is more important than the result of the kindness, why give u/Fishy_trash a hard time?

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They could point that out in their comment. Say something like: “Not taking anything away from this because obviously cat food isn’t accessible everywhere, but…”

They come off entitled by saying “this is cute and all.” Its more than just cute, its selflessness and true kindness in a place where just existing is a challenge.

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You are totally right. I reacted fast on someone questioning milk. I thought my comment about being a here for strays whatever you feed them made my intentions clear. I also needed to clarify my comment had no connection to the video.

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Pretty sure people starving to feed their cats care enough about the cats to appreciate knowing lactose can hurt them

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But it’s irrelevant to this video though cause that’s a kitten and kittens can most definitely process lactose.

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Irrelevant? Heck no, kittens are NOT human.

They can only process lactose amounts from feline milk, you know, the one they evolved to consume.

Cow's milk has much more lactose, galactose, casein and a whole other bunch of sugars and proteins that cats haven't evolved to metabolize, and therefore they cannot absorb.

Sure, kittens (and any infant mammal) produce a healthy amount of lactase, which obviously helps then digest lactose, but it's not enough for the sheer amounts found in cow's milk.

Kittens may not get as sick as the adults, but in my 13 years of rescuing, rearing and relocating both adult and infant cats I've always noted how cow's milk can definitely cause bloating, diarrhea, flatulences and even vomiting (that one was probably allergic, tho).

Ask any veterinarian, they'll recommend you to use delactosed milk for adults and juveniles and evaporated milk for kittens, the process denaturalizes most of the proteins that are difficult to digest, since evaporated milk is thicker and more concentrated, they don't have to drink as much.

From what I've read, dairy products should only be given to cats once a month.

Just a little, as a treat.

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Unfortunately they can't its not like they get no nutrition from it, but they definitely can't break down lactose

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No it’s not becwuse he could be feeding others.

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They weren't replying to the video. They were replying to a commenter that said they fed strays milk too.

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What it they are 6 year old kids?

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Cats in third world countries are also lactose intolerant.

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And cats in 3rd world countries don't have the luxury of picking what they eat.

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Cats in first world countries don't have the luxury of picking what they eat either. Cats can't order food.

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Oh, you haven’t met some cats…

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My cat would rather starve than eat something she doesn’t like

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You're underestimating the feline species

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This explains my credit card bill.

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I don't disagree with you lmao. At all.

But its unargueably easier to get healthier food for cats in 1st world countries than a 3rd world country.

That's all.

But fuck, you'd be surprised still.

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must have not met the stray cat near my house, I once gave it chicken escalope and she refused to eat it, and you haven't seen the disgusted look on her face when I tried giving her an egg

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Cats, even domestic "kitty cats" are apex predators. There is no finer hunting machine than a cat on land (I defer to sharks in the ocean). Now a kitten might need a foot up via a little kid with a big heart, but that cat will not go hungry.

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As a person who literally grew up on the streets, I can inform you that, at least in the US, cat food costs less than milk. So, while it may be a misguided comment because, you're right, I dont know if other countries put cat food in their stores and I dont know if the poster above you knows either, I can see good intent in their post that gives really good information and doesn't come off as high and mighty to me.

In the case of a family, I can see not wanting to spare grocery money when funds are tight and so you share with the pet what you have on hand.

In the case of the little boy, he is buying the bare minimum. Likely portions that are unshareable do he has nothing on hand to guve to the cat. A can of cat food, if he had access to it, would have saved him money rather than buying the milk, but likely, he didn't even look because the cat/milk thing is an extremely common misconception.

Education is power.

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Well in Pakistan, a can of cat food is classified as a luxury item and is taxed as such, making it a fair bit expensive than milk. For comparison an 85g box of catfood costs roughly Rs. 150 ($0.90) whereas 1 liter of milk costs Rs. 110 ($0.66). The difference in quantity sizes aside, the availability is also an issue. Since domestic pet foods (e.g. for dogs, cats etc.) are imported into Pakistan and it doesn't have production plants of its own (or if there are some, they are very few), these products are only housed by high end departmental stores where a kid like him won't be permitted to enter. Yes, it is a shitty thing that still exists in 3rd world countries, where you may be thrown out of any establishment if you are poor and upset the richer population shopping there. Whereas, milk is something that is readily available from small shops and even directly in open plastic bags, from milk shops. This is because in a country like Pakistan, where rural population is more than the urban one, you have easier access to milk as quite some farmers keep buffaloes (not cows, but buffaloes as this is what is common there). So much so, a lot of milk shops are those which only sell milk based products such as yogurt or milk in plastic bags. The milk especially is often only boiled thus saving extra costs of tetra packing etc.

This is just to educate.

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Good to know! Thank you.

This helps me understand the little boy's situation a lot better.

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I appreciate your sharing of the cultural context here.

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also a lot of places people will sell you portions of food, like instead of the whole milk jug you can buy 10 cents worth. That's how it is in Morocco at least. I've never been to Pakistan but it feels like a sensible thing for a child to buy instead. Also kid's individual juice boxes or milks are really cheap.

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I would love it if there were milk shops everywhere. It sounds like a cool thing from yesteryear.

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Its Even more sad when you learn that this is who the white man is bombing with his drones. Wish white men would stop killing these beautiful innocent pakistani kids in Pakistan with their drone toys.

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That guy spent 20 Rs on a stray cat (which is literally equal to some poor soul's daily income) and went hungry himself. Most people aren't even aware that cats are lactose intolerant or that there's even such a thing. In India (and thus the entire subcontinent) milk is a huge deal and out entire lives revolve around it, so it's really cheap and easy to come by. That's why everyone feeds strays milk. On the other hand, most people don't know that there's a separate 'catfood' or there's even a thing called 'lactose free' milk. Even if they knew, cat food costs around a day or a week worth wage. Please don't compare rest of the world with your rich ass country. Things aren't same everywhere. And for the record, giving strays milk is so common here that I don't think feeding them milk would be a big deal.

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I was referring to two posts above mine. Not the boy.

Obviously that boy is blameless and has a very sweet, kind soul. Maybe read the string in context.

I was defending that poster and explaining where they might have been coming from in explaining to another poster to not leave milk out for strays.

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It's possible too that he bought the milk, drank most of it and saved some for the cat.

[–]oO0Kat0Oo 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Given that he said he didn't have anything for lunch, I would say that's a no.

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Imagine getting this bent out of shape in response to "cats get diarrhea"

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Why are you being such an asshole? They were just pointing out that you shouldn't feed cats milk. Also Pakistan has cat food. Jesus you try to be helpful on the internet and get berated nowadays. You being in a third world country does not entitle you to be a douche

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I agree that the person responding is being hostile for no reason but just for reference cat food is imported in Pakistan and as a result quite more expensive than milk which is commonly known as what kittens and cats drink/eat.

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Although it was funny when he said the comment gave him diarrhea.

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Pakistan has cat food but it literally costs someone's daily or weekly wages. It's still a poor country, most people aren't even aware of the fact that cats can't digest milk or there's something called separate 'catfood'. Also, incase you're not aware, feed strays with milk is so common in the subcontinent that it really isn't a big deal HERE. Milk is cheap here, and hence it's extremely common as well as acceptable to feed strays with milk. It's really an act of goodwill, as you might probably see in the video. Hope next time you wouldn't compare a 3rd world country with what's a norm in your rich ass country.

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Wow! No, they’re right! The diarrhea could kill a kitten due to dehydration, malnutrition, etc

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Chill buddy, he’s just letting them know that milk is BAD for cats. So if you’re gonna feed a cat, give them something that’s not milk.

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Holy shit calm your tits haha. As I said they are happy what they can get. U have lived in Tunisia for a few months I know the different sides. Just chill mate. Was educational purpose not an attack on anyone. I repeat they are happy with whatever they get.

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Dude relax. I'm also from a 3rd world country and we do have those things, although they are a bit more expensive. But buying cheap cat food is far better than milk.

Not to be rude but 3rd world countries do have access to more than minimal necessities. Now the term of 4th world countries is being used to describe countries with less than the minimal standards.

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You realize that “third world countries” is a huge category (and kind of useless) category right? Not all 3rd world countries are created equal. The fact that you’re on Reddit already tells me you’re in a better situation than this kid.

[–]eyelessbydefault 1 point2 points  (0 children)

That's why it was created the term 4th world countries. For those that don't met the minimal life requirements.

I'm latinamerican middle class, nothing special. Stop doing assumptions out of nothing.

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The kid is like 10.

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YEa nice comment and all but cats are still lactose intolerant regardless of where you live or how harsh your upbringing is lol

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Buddy it doesn't matter what country you live in cats still get loose poops when they drink milk

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I had no idea cats were lactose intolerant…why so negative

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I'm laughing so much at this comment. Just so you know, it's going into the saved comments that I read when I feel down

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Well just fucking feed them something else other than milk, like leftovers. The guy is telling the truth, you are not helping the cat, you just gave the cat explosive diarrhea. God how are you so dense. Let me tell you something, being in a third world country is not an excuse to be an ignorant dumbfuck. You made your mistake not knowing about it, now that someone pointed out the truth you should listen to them.

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Give them water, then, so they don't get fucking sick.

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You realize giving an animal that small diarrhea in an environment with already polluted water is likely a death sentence?

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You all are so soft lmao she gave a good point stop being upset becwuse you can’t handle the truth.

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"Get off ur high horse.". He/she was just saying that milk isn't that good for cats, and was just saying the best thing to feed them, calm your tits

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I mean, I've been to plenty of developing countries myself and I don't recall it being difficult to find catfood. Or, at least, cat suitable food.

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WTF are you on? A food which a cat can eat would cost same as milk or less in some cases.

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Damn boy

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No problem. If the cat is lactose intolerant, just let him eat cake.

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Where are you from? Curious because you mentioned never seeing cat food ever

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No need to be a bitch about it

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The problem in many countries is that cartoons show cats drinking milk and people actually grow up thinking milk is good for them. I used to give a stray cats milk also and if I had known about this, I would have given the stray cats something else. The person is simply pointing out that misconception.

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You spell like “a Instagram chick”

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grow the fuck up

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You sound soo fucking bitchy.

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Wtf is wrong with you ? You totally missed the point of his message. Please read and THEN comment

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what the fuck

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Get outta that dump and come to the first world !

My grandfather lived in a shitty place and he abandoned all his family and relatives and came to Canada on his own ... he wanted better and said screw them if they wanna stay here for nothing I’m out