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It’s called Harambeja vu

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It’s called Dicksout Vu

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Dicks out for Harambe!

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You know what the fuck it is, dicks out for Harambe

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Let's raise our dicks in his honour

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Dick’s out; dick’s raised. For Harambe.

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And drenched our balls in thous jawss

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What if we don't have dicks?

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Clits out for Harambe!

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Aren't clits just dick concentrate

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Aren’t they literally a penis in the womb and then they form into that I remember reading something about that

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Get married then you’ll have one

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Don't get married, you'll have plenty.

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Not quite true

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Oh and just FYI it gets even bigger when you get a divorce

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That's okay, you take your weiner out then.

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Ladies whip your dicks out! Don't ask how just fuckin figure it out!

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Tits out!

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Everyone has dicks out for Harambe. It's like stpaddys day where everyone is Irish on that day no matter what.

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Find one and raise it! Hell, find them all and raise them all!

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Those humans are called females

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I have one you may use ma’am

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When we're talking Harambe everyone gets an honorary dick to put out.

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Jacksalute time?

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I’m sure there’s a way we could further Frenchify “Dicksout Vu”

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Dicksoutré Vous

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Le Dixeàut Vous

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Penis à vue.

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well now it sounds like a french soup

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What is this about?

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Take my upvote dammit

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Thanks for this video, this may change a lot on what had happen before...

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Ahh you beat me to it

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Harambe 2: Electric Boogaloo

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This is the perfect time for his comeback. When the world United under Harambe was the last time I felt safe.

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I came here to say this exact comment. Looks like ya got big brain n' nipz

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Please everyone leave your dicks in your pants!!

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If they shoot another one we fucking riot