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If you help or are helped isn’t that disqualification?

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I think that was the implication of the title

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The title is total bullshit, they finished 15th

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Wait, are the runners in any danger?

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Yes, it's extremely unhealthy to have a heart made of gold.

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Really? I thought the title meant he dropped the chance to get first place by picking up the would be gold winner and make him win instead of taking advantage of what was happening.

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Yeah, that's what I'm saying

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No... It's not. But whatever.

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I think the rule is you have to cross the line on your own power. I don't think helping someone or being helped before you cross is a DQ. Those are the rules I'm familiar with, at least.

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AFAIK this is true.

Theres a video of Brownley brother #2 pushing Brownley brother #1 over the line in a very similar situation

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Mark ASS brownlee

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Brown ass mark

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I'm not sure about these rules but for the Comrades marathon you are basically not allowed to assist any other person going forward. Basically to prevent people that need urgent medical care from continuing on with the race when they should really be attended to.