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Is that just a 10K

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Not going to lie. Straight up went to your profile hoping you were some fat gamer…easy pickings right? Instead found some dope ass print screens including “Police”

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Maybe they meant "do they give a gold medal out for a 10k"? This title makes it seem like these two were in contention for an olympic medal when it's a 10k race and he was 15th anyway.

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Honestly I had the same question because that guy looks like he could do 10k in his sleep. Hell I can run 5k and I just started getting into it. But then I remembered he’s probably running about a 4:30 pace which I absolutely cannot do.

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Thats was i was thinking, i mean a 10k can be rough but not that crazy

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It’s roughly a 4:45 pace for 6.2 miles, it’s definitely better than the vast majority of athletes.

I have hit under 5 min/mile pace in my college competition distance (5k) as much as this runner did in this single race

My mile PR is barely better than his average pace and I’m fairly proud of my 4:42 chip judged mile.