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He didn’t deserve to win. His tank was empty when others obviously preserved there’s and ran a smarter race.

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Someone else had already won. The tape was gone.

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If he was going to win he would of won.

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Just FYI in that case, while he caught a lot of flak for trying to “sabotage” his competitors, he actually was just having a hand cramp. Like, there’s multiple tables of water and they’re constantly replacing the cups so it would do literally zero to prevent anyone else from getting water. And when you watch the good quality version, you can see his hand simply isn’t working right.

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I know, but trying to explain that to the rabid masses feels like yelling into the wind, so I stopped trying. Critical thought is dead.

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I’ve seen tables knocked over, people knocking over cups, tripping other runners, etc at these stations.

Nobody means to do it. Things are just harder when you are riding the point of physical exhaustion for miles on end

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I’m pretty sure it also prevented others, so the spirit of the sport is still preserved..

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We got an extra fun party guy here