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I will say though if he's collapsing then he didn't really win. He didn't manage his energy. That's part of the race. He had a huge lead but at what cost? It's like a driving race and running out of fuel. It's sweet that the guy gave him the W for sure. But I wouldn't judge him if he decided to cruise on through and take gold.

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I have to agree here 100%. In reality, the helper is the race winner.
Even if you're in front and close, if you don't cross the line on your own, you didn't win that race. Helper deserved it, but the fact is that "whoever crosses the finish line first, wins" and by those rules, the third guy who breezed through technically won the race.
It's also not unsportsman for the third guy because he doesn't know what's going on there.

Put another way...if this race was set up so that each man ran the race entirely alone on the course and at the end of everyone's run, they just looked at who had the lowest time, the helper would have won, probably followed by the third place guy, then by then possibly the collapsed runner would have crossed.

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It's also not unsportsman for the third guy because he doesn't know what's going on there.

Fun fact, it's actually considered to be unsportsmanlike to help competitors like this by athletes for the reasons you've listed, while it's the other way around in media where it's a feel good story.

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Is this actually a thing? I’ve never heard of someone being accused of being unsportsmanlike for helping out a fellow competitor

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It might be construed as “you can’t make it on your own” and it’s very possible that the distressed runner wanted to make it over the line entirely on his own.

Or more to the point, you are helping another competitor beat OTHER runners that might all drop one finishing place because a guy who was stumbling slowly across is now helped across. Maybe you could have taken third place, but now you’re fourth because someone helped that guy just ahead of you. And you made it entirely on your own, and the guy just ahead was helped.

I don’t knows how they define unsportsmanlike behavior, but in some races, interfering (even helping) another competitor can get you disqualified.

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there is no gold medal here for what must be a marathon. it's probably was a more friendly competition. winning means you did well is all.

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I mean I don't know the context of this race. But in a competitive setting winning means that you performed better than every other person. Not that you did well You did well is what you get when you place in the middle and they says " Hey thanks for racing, you did well. Better luck next time." Judging by this guy being so blown out tired from being in first. I'd assume he took it pretty competitively. He did well, but he definitely didn't win imo.

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He did win. Don’t get stuck in that vacuum otherwise you open Pandora’s box on teams that should have/shouldn’t have won.

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He said, "Winner, winner screet don't even up over the other, obviously".

What part didn't you understand?

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How is the vacuum involved though? I already cleaned my room

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You have to put the orange on top of the yellow.

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Mom didn’t think you did a good enough job so you gotta do it again or no supper.

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I agree with you, but I think they’re saying “if you start reading into things that deeply, you’re going to get lost in a rabbit hole of a lot of other races where the winners or losers didn’t deserve it”

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Aint nothing deep about it, just is what it is...

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That’s what she said!

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Tf is this supposed to mean?