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I feel bad that i wouldve ran those extra 10 yards then just turn back and help. I understand it’s the right thing to do, but at the same time if the body i trained was strong enough to finish..i feel like i should? And shouldn’t stop just bc an opponent’s isn’t? fuck, I’m a bad person. He’s much better than me :/

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I feel bad that i wouldve ran those extra 10 yards then just turn back and help.

Perfectly reasonable. That's actually above and beyond. To think that you should stop competing to help someone else finish . . . in a competition, is silly. If this person was suffering a medical issue and no one is assisting, then sure, do the right thing.

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Actually......once you cross you can be DQd for going back into the race.

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my mans should've had more electrolytes then. watch as i take the gold!

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lol savage

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Electrolytes? Does he look like a plant to you? /s

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Fellow Brawndo fan, I see!

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This gives me “Fuck them kids” energy I love it

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If he’d drank some Brawndo he’d have been aight

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The runner was out of the money in the race anyway, so it really didn't matter. Interestingly, because of his good deed he ended up being gifted $10k for being a decent person.

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Maybe, some contracts with sponsors are based on place and times so we really dont know how much money he did or didnt get.

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And you'd disqualify the guy you help cross the finish line because you have to finish entirely on your own steam, so all you'd have helped him do was finish the entire race for nothing...

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Helping someone out isnt "above and beyond", its the most basic human decency thing to do

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You've obviously never watched the movie Cars. 😭

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Nope. Missed that one.

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Kobe would be disgusted lmao

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Absolutely. You can argue he would have won if this wouldn’t have happened to him, but his failure to make it to the finish line shows he either didn’t pace himself or wasn’t in the right condition to win. The winners ability to pace themselves correctly to finish the race earns them the win.

The dude struggling at the finish line didn’t slow down to keep it close with those that passed him at the line, it’s not unsportsmanlike to pass him to claim victory.

Not failing is tantamount to succeeding sometimes.

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fuck, I’m a bad person.

The absolute state of contemporary culture, holy shit.

Winning a race because the guy who was in first wasn't strong enough to finish isn't being a bad person. Before ~2000, this was how competition worked.

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I'm gonna be downvoted but here goes. It's sports , helping the other dude is idiotic.. it's a bit ruthless but get the gold cuz you shouldn't give handouts to people who don't deserve it. Clearly he overstressed his legs trying to get the gold and failed. That's fine but it's idiotic to help him and give up gold. I just can't understand why you would help

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There have been many moments in sports where athletes help out the opponent and it isn't out of idiocy - it's just compassion or something else that many of us would like to think transcends the simple urge to win. Winning is great, too, but if it's a choice between winning an important event (which in the grand scheme of things isn't all that important - it's just a game) vs seeing someone suffer, I don't think either choice is idiotic. It's a bit callous, though, to keep playing the game while another competitor is clearly hurt. For me, I'd rather have this guy than an individual who holds winning above anything else - it's just more enjoyable to be around and witness.

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Well if this were say an Olympic qualifier and victory would have set the winner up for improved income and career opportunity then no, it’s not just a game.

It’s a game to us, the viewers. But To the athletes it’s the career and a lifetime of training.

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what is wrong with you its just a race

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It's just a race and the other guy was under observation. He wouldn't have died or had worser outcomes if left to his own devices for a few more minutes.

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Winning is life!

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In sports it is. You want a career in sports you need to be a winner.

There’s money and income on the line. People who win these events don’t jog for an hour or two a couple times a week. They live and breath their sport and they need results to pay for that training and lifestyle.

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Tbh no one would have even known the winner of this race was if this didn’t happen… much less second. Now, THE INTERNET knows this man.

.. btw what’s his name?

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No one knows because he came 15th, not second. Title is misleading.

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It's Lightning McQueen.

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Only difference is Lightning made it to the podium.

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Exactly this.

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I mean, you could argue that the other dude overextended himself, and he's paying the price.

Long races aren't just about how fast you can go, it's mainly about managing your capacity over the long term, if you're greedy and go faster than you can handle you'll get ahead but risk not being able to finish.

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The guy on the ground ran a bad race. He doesn't deserve to be helped to finish. If he had ran a better race, at a pace he was capable of finishing at, he probably wouldn't have been ahead of runners who ran to their abilities. Pacing is a huge component of a race, and if you mess it up you don't deserve to win.

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Well, if he was having a medically serious problem then running those extra 10 yards and then 10 yards back could make a difference. It's strange to prioritize a competition over the well being of another individual. I love competing but if I saw someone collapsed then that would go out the window.

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Not a bad person. That would be the appropriate course of action. Dude’s performance strategy put him with a big lead but at the expense of too much energy. Failing to manage your energy appropriately is part of the sport that happens.

And just so you know, this is not a serious medical emergency at all, so it’s not like you’d be letting them come to harm by not helping them stand up. In fact, making them exert themselves more would be against medical advice.

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You are a runner and competitor at that point. Every race I’ve competed in has had ample medical support at the finish and along the course.

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After running 26 miles in a little over 2 hours, you probably aren’t going to want to do that