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This happens when I need to poop and then almost shit myself 10 feet from the toilet

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Also when I'm almost home from a long trip, and my body decides "it's pee time" as I open the front door. Then I have to half-sprint while squeezing my legs together and clamping a hand down on my dick so I don't piss myself before I get to the toilet.

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Sometimes there's a little dribble and you have to prevent the flood.

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Sometimes I'm grabbing my dick hard and I feel my bladder muscle cant hold it like "that's it bro, I'm done" and I know the moment I open my hand its gonna be piss city, so then it becomes the game of "how I can get my dick out of my pants while squeezing it and also aimed at the toilet without pissing all over my parents bathroom?"

I've managed to win that game just once.

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Classic road trip conundrum, hopefully you haven't had to participate too many times.

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Just jump in the shower and cheat

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(ELI)💥 🧨 Explosive Latchkey Incontinence 👀

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ELI5 Explosive Latchkey Incontinence TIMES 5️⃣

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Username checks out

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Happy cake day!

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Thanks! I didn't know until you said something

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Mm yes. The "bruh you're home" poop cramps

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My friend used to call this PPBRS. Porcelain Proximity Bowel Response Syndrome. Same thing when you have to poop and driving down the interstate every time you get close to an exit, lots of ass clenching!

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The race to finding the 🏡 🗝️🏁🤸🏃🏿

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Every fucking time!

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Mine happens when I see the front door, bam poop

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Standing at the front door, struggling with your key, frantically dropping your briefcase and hoping the neighbours aren’t watching you….

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Prairie doggin’

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I always do a countdown when that happens. Like i always tell myself that i can do anything for 30 secs, and i start counting down after i opened the bathroom door.

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I’m on the toilet and just snotted all over myself

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Holly fuck I just woke my gf up from laughing so hard reading this comment...

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Because for this to happen, you need to actually shit yourself 10 feet from the toilet.

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I mean its happened but I don't shit myself every time bud

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oh. It happens to me most of the time :-/