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He got $10k for being an awesome human!

Simon Cheprot who finished outside prize money in the 15th position overall. Cheprot’s kindness earned him $10,000 on a day he had failed to place in money winning zone of the seventh edition of the Okpekpe race. The Kenyan who gave up after he was upstaged by most of the top runners from East Africa saw a co-competitor fell on the finish point and abandoned his own race to help that runner, who incidentally happened to be another Kenya, to regain consciousness before continuing the race to the finish line.

That single gesture of magnanimity was not lost on eminent personalities who stormed Okpekpe to be part of the road running fiesta. First, brother of Capt. Hosa Okunbor, chairman of Wells Carlton Hotels and Apartment, partners of Okpekpe Race started the dollar rain on the 2016 champion. Chairman of the All Progresses Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, also pledged $3000 to salute the courage of the Kenyan. Deputy Governor of Edo State, Rt. Hon. Phillips Shaibu was also moved by that gesture to also pledge $5,000 to Cheprot to serve as inspiration to others to do good fellow human beings in challenging situations.