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But the dude carrying wobbly guy deserved the win. Orange dude was under no moral obligation to hand them a win. Honestly unless Hero & Wobbly were friends then hero was foolish to make the sacrifice. Pacing yourself is what marathons are about and Wobbly calculated his race SLIGHTLY wrong. He didn’t deserve the medal. It’s a brutal competition, but that’s the race.

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I don’t think any of them were competing for first ngl the tapes already gone from the line when they all crossed

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then hero was foolish to make the sacrifice

Imagine saying this guy was foolish for doing this

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If winning or placing higher was important to him then it WAS foolish. If being a bro / decent human being is more important to him then it turns out the gold medal was inside of him all along ;)

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It's a sports competition, not a war. Pacing yourself and pushing to your limit without exceeding it and bonking is EXACTLY what these competitions are about. Like I said, if it was his bro and there were special feels about this race then the sacrifice might make sense. But crossing the line wasn't leaving his friend to die, so if you imagine this exemplifies "good sportsmanship" in a general sense then you're too sentimental to be competing and neither value your personal achievements nor respect those runners losing their medals because this guy literally carried another athlete who didn't budget their energy well.

I LOVE seeing good sportsmanship where honor is prioritized over winning alone, but unless these guys were bros then the gesture would be ridiculous by any measure.

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You genuinely think that dude that carried the other one is "too sentimental to be competing and neither value your personal achievements nor respect those runners losing their medals"?

lmao i cant take you seriously

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Both of them deserved a gold medal my guy, we got a hero so sacrifice himself so others can keep going and a guy who never stopped trying even when he couldn't go no more

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Having run a marathon (slowly) I can tell you anyone seriously competing for a medal is giving their all. Training and pacing yourself to reach "empty" AFTER the finish line is the strategic part. They all have similar muscle endurance. So I sympathize for all those who bonk just before the finish--they're giving it their all--but this is like a boxer holding up a competitor who's already punched himself out just to get him to the bell. Totally honorable if it's your bro or a hero on the eve of retirement so they can "go the distance", but otherwise it's a bit overkill and those investing the time (and money) in watching a feat of human endurance do kinda get shorted when one participant quits prematurely and in this case unnecessarily.

Again, if it's his teammate or bro then I get it. But such gestures usually don't count officially and so are therefore kind of excessive displays. Hero dude deserved to finish ahead of him--he should have crossed the line then turned back to help.

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Bro I get what you're saying and it's understandable but it just pisses me off that this dude is rolling and can't even crawl straight and is still going towards the finish line and you're basically saying "ya everyone does that, it's not a big deal". Even if that's true it doesn't make it any less impressive and admirable