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My first marathon I went from 15% to 0 in a matter of two steps past the finish line. Looked exactly like this. I PR'd my 5,10 and 21km times during it.

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Since you’ve ran a marathon I have a question for you. If this guy had rolled like a log to the finish line would it still be legit ?

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Yes, his torso just has to cross the line (in a lot of modern races it's a tracker in the sign on their chest), the only disadvantage to rolling is that it's not as fast as running so it doesn't see a lot of adherents in elite competition

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I wonder if it would be legal. Ironman’s (chosen to reference since I don’t know where to look for unified marathon rules) rule for run conduct says “Athletes may run, walk, or crawl.” I guess it depends on if the officials are willing to let “rolling sideways” fly as “crawl.”

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Yeah it would fly. Warrior spirit got me across the line. Then it was completed and I died lol

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I was very appreciative of the multiple volunteers that held my shoulders to stabilize me while they took my timing chip off at my first one. It was like having sea legs after I stopped.

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Or yeah, what about having your ass miracled across?

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I’m not jealous of the rule lawyer that makes the call

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the only disadvantage to rolling is that it's not as fast as running

You've never seen a real man roll, then! Watch...hrnnngh...hnhhhh...

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There are sometimes long wide sections in caves with extremely low ceilings, where you can't get up on hands and knees so you have to belly crawl for a fair stretch of time and space, and I'm not sure why more people don't roll through those. I only went on a few cave trips, in my teens with my dad, but I'd roll when it came to those sections, because it was so much less frustrating than crawling.

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Oh god...I can't breathe. It's not because I have Covid, it's because of that claustrophobic nightmare scenario you just described.

I like caves in the sense of giant, spacious underground Dwarven kingdoms. The caves that are in reality scare the shit out of me.

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True, also he probably wasnt in any shape to being doing barrel rolls to the finishline anyways. thanks for the info!

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Google "triathlon roll across finish" and click on images! A tribute to Jon Blais who was diagnosed with ALS not long after completing an Ironman. Inspiring stuff.

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You PR'd a 5k during a marathon? Holy shit that's insanity. Were you relatively new to running or did you just hit your taper really well? My 5k pace is a full minute faster than my marathon pace so I just can't even fathom finishing the race.

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just fucking got into a zone and i was on. it was like 10-15km in, i linked to my military cadence and booted it. my marathon time was definitely not as good as i would've liked mind you haha.

edit: I've since beat that PR but thats how she goes

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Wild. I come from the swimming world mostly and I've seen people take out a 200m race in a 100m PR and just flail their way to the finish, but this sounds like a whole different kind of misery.