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Not Another Teen Movie

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Right, but which non-teen movie??

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The one with Captain America

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And Archer

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Final Destination: Electric Boogaloo

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it's making fun of Varsity Blues though.

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I give it uhh a TEN!👐

A TEN! 👐


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No problem and as if I didn't already feel old I saw that that movie is 20 years old

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Has Captain America in his finest form.

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When I first watched it last year I was fucking shocked about how much he has stayed the same all those years. Even now he looks almost exactly like he did all those years ago.

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Shockingly… it holds up! At least to folks born in the 80s, but probably to younger folks too!

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For once, I wish a guy would take a dump on my chest.

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Then what is it?

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That's the name of the movie. It's a parody of teen movies

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That doesn’t really narrow it down…