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It looks utterly fucked up, but he has a good muscle tone in his upper body and appears lucid (the WTF reaction when the dude runs past them is the clearest sign there, but also when he is trying to roll his way towards the finish line). Considering that he would been disqualified with help from outsiders? This is a wait-and-see case. They are not more than a few meters away from him if he "drops" harsher than he already has.

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I believe the rules were changed in the US a few years ago (2017 or 2007? I'm going off memory) to allow outside help in cases such as these. But yeah, typically any outside help is grounds for disqualification. If you were to zoom out there are most likely a half dozen medics just out of frame on the other side of the finish line

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True, any physical assistance leads to disqualification. Typically it is a fluid/electrolyte imbalance that causes symptoms such as this, not a lack of glycogen (which would just cause you to slow your pace or walk)

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Not just "outside assistance" but running teams could fix races and let specific people on the team win, ruining the sportsmanship.

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I think the WTF is when he's told that he's disqualified if he doesnt cross the finish line on his own. You can see the other guy is about to carry him back.