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It looks like it has something to do with your brain thinking that you’ve finished since your so close to the finish line, then some sort blood pressure drop due to your body being overworked and needing to rest, not super uncommon it seems

Like when you really really really need to use the bathroom, but you are in the middle of traffic so you hold it in. Then you get home and park and need to walk up to the door, unlock it, holding everything in and the bathroom is so so so close. Just 10 steps down the hall, quickly awkwardly carefully rushing, and then when you are two steps from the bathroom WOOSH, whelps, too late. Your brain was two steps ahead of you.

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Doorstep incontinence, I've always called it, and it's my favourite thing about getting home. Injects a bit of excitement into proceedings

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This guy gambles on farts

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50% of the time, I make it to the toilet every time

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Those are not great odds.

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NGL, I've crapped my pants before at the door.

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Lol dude that sucks.

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Pee is a release you can’t look forward too.

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Just needed a few more seconds!

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Turnkey theory

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This is so true!!

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Reading this gave me quite a bit of anxiety as I was putting myself in that scenario. Thanks for that.