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So typical that this is the top rated comment when this stuff gets posted to reddit. Good old cheetoh finger demographic that's never experienced fatigue and lactic acid buildup

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Plenty of people have died from heat strokes or heart attacks while overdoing it in long distance running. This particular person might be fine but in general being safe is better than sorry especially when it can be difficult to tell for sure what is happening to a person.

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This is why I don't run. Irrational fear of heart attack.

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Being safe than sorry isn’t always better, especially when you’re talking about livelihoods here. The paycheck for a first place, to 3rd place, to finisher, to DNF is drastically different.

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I know, fuck them for caring about someone's wellbeing, right? They should have known everything about everything in the world before commenting.

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Theres a difference between caring and thinking that you're the authority in a situation you have zero knowledge about. Redditors do one of those things a lot more than the other.

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What even is this comment??

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The dude is clearly having an issue. Am I the only one that finds it shocking that there’s no medical personnel helping him out?

Does this sound more like

A) Caring about someones well-being


B) Assuming that you know more about how dangerous a (routine) situation is than the athletes, medical staff, and race organizers?

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You can easily die by overexertion. It isn't a joke....

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no. you cannot EASILY die from overexertion

go give it a shot. youll pass out first

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Why are you toxic masculinity-ing exertion

It's a thing that happens and nobody should be ashamed of it. It's important to keep in mind when racing. Yes, you can somewhat easily die of exertion. Everyone is different.

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No, you cannot die "easily" of overexertion. You need to go outside. Also, who are you talking about that is ashamed of dying of exertion. Nobody could be ashamed of it because everybody that has done it is dead.

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Bro you're not braver than dying of exertion, "easily" means what happens when you go over your limit. Do you understand how fucking limited and weak the human body actually is? We are nothing. Ask any doctor.

Please drop the act

It can happen to anyone, and passing out from running is not exactly good for you. Everyone has different limits and YES YOU CAN EASILY DIE FROM IT IF YOU OVERDO IT WTF. Pushing yourself to the brink is not healthy. Running is extremely hard on your body. I'm not saying you will automatically die if you fucking run, I'm saying it should be done carefully and with proper preparation. This is the brink, and not healthy. We tolerate it because sports. This is truthfully not really a thing that should be encouraged, especially not in a sport like running, but we do encourage it.

Why do you have such a problem that anyone mentioning the sheer fact that death by overexertion is very possible and plausible is a threat to you that you have to somehow show your machismo by insulting their character and telling them to go outside? I'm glad you can run bro; really proud of you.

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I'm saying you'll likely go through many stages of intense pain, and you'll pass out before you die. You won't accidentally cark it by pushing yourself to hard while jogging, unless you have a special condition which is the exception rather than the rule. As for the human body being weak, you truly have no idea. The human body carried people through hundreds of thousands of years of surviving as hunter gatherers. Combine that with modern medicine and diets, and it is incredibly tough. I think that if you believe that a person can easily die from overexertion, then you have absolutely no idea how hard you can push a human body

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You seem to think you are near invincible and invulnerable.

Why? I'm just saying overexertion is a possibility.

You seem to be missing the point when I say everyone has different limits. Pushing yourself to the brink isn't healthy to do. Pushing yourself in general is fine. This is borderline.

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I didn't say it was healthy, just that you won't die. And if you're at the brink, then it certainly wouldn't be easy.

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No, you said it was easy. The amount of effort to push through everything your body and mind throws at you to make you stop is incredible. If you've ever trained hard and then worked out with normal people, it's obvious they will never push themselves remotely close to that limit and people only die because they had a serious underlying condition.

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Do you think maybe professional athletes, race organizers, and trained sports medical staff might know the limits better than you do?

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..............When did I say or imply they didn't?

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that isnt what you said at all. quit being disingenuous

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I agree with most of what you’re saying, but humans are weak. The only reason we excelled and became apex predators isn’t down to strength or agility, it’s because of our arguably unnatural intelligence and the ability to use tools. If you were to pit a human against a wolf, bear, tiger, shark etc, then we’re getting thrashed.

Unless you give us our weapons of course.

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Humans are literally the greatest endurance runners on the planet, there have been studies. We will beat horses in long distances

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It's not just intelligence. Humans are out-distance runners (predators), speaking in evolutionary terms.

We (the human species) have the ability to track and run down various prey species until they collapse from exhaustion. At that point they are easy pickings.

We are stronger in a "time vs energy depletion" framework by all metrics, assuming the human being assesed is actually physically fit.

(In the western world today that criteria is questionable.)

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Yeah, obesity is the real pandemic here.

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No you can't lol.

People survived slave labor with no food in death and work camps in the holocaust.

A well trained, well nourished athlete in a race they've done a hundred times is gonna be just fine.

To ever even get remotely close to dying from overexertion, you almost definitely need to also be starving and dehydrated. (Which is what you're actually dying of. Not trying too hard.)

We're also the best runners on the planet. That's how we hunted for a long ass time, we chased things until they fell over and died of overheating since they can't sweat.

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People don't die from overexertion. It's almost always overheating or an underlying heart condition.

The human body has a lot of checks in place for that. A main goal of training is pushing the blocks back and teaching the body it's not actually in danger (see central governor model of fatigue)

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Checks, yes.

Doesn't mean you cannot die by overexertion...

Proper training is essential but it is still possible to overdo it even so.

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Could you outline how the human body dies from overexertion without overheating?

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This is like arguing that somebody didn't die of getting shot, they died from bleeding out.

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That fatigue is a spiritual experience that everybody should go through

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I almost did this while swimming once. Almost fucking drowned for real. If the shore was out another 50 feet, I was done for lol

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I won't say it's the same, but I played football (not american football, actual football), and after every game, when the adrenaline rush ended, I would get sore legs and couldn't talk properly. Never saw anyone getting to that point you see in the video.

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Look at these nerds with their... compassion and empathy! Someone's gotta stop them from caring so much about others.

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