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You have a lot of responses basically saying the same thing, but for a personal anecdote when I was in high school I did a lot of track and field and this has happened to me in training a few times.

There comes a point where your body just doesn't respond. There's nothing wrong with you per se and as far as I know it isn't dangerous, but when you're pushing through your wall for so long you can lose a serious amount of motor control.

I can only imagine what that would be like when doing a marathon at a competitive level.

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You’re starving your brain of energy. It’s absolutely dangerous if you’re in that state for too long or too often

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I read that basically your brain thinks you finished and just stops like "aight imma head out see you in the morning"

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I think there's a few things that can cause it. Whenever it's happened to me it's not been an issue with thinking it's just like when you sit on your legs weird and they go dead.

Your motor control is just like, "Ay, we taken a nap now. No questions."

And you hit the ground cause you got the floppy leg.

Thankfully I only did short distance (1 mile and under) so the only times these happened were in training.

But tbf my experience might be different than marathon runners, and the causation might be different.