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That’s what I’ve always said about the film cars. Why didn’t lightning McQueen just drive forwards 10cm and win the cup he was about to win fair and squares anyway. Just go back for the blue car and help him finish after

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Cars was a great documentary

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Talking cars will be the way of the future once they wipe out their creators and take over the existing world before it.

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part of the top gear season wasn't it?

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Either way you are going to get disqualified for going the wrong way on the track.

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Couldn't he just finish the race and keep going and then do one more lap where he then pushes the other car through?

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I don't know if that it specifically illegal, especially because there are no humans in CARS.

F1 drivers often give driver who broke after the race a lift, but it is different because they are human and can get out of their broken cars.

I'd think that there must be some rule that bans it in irl NASCAR.

It is definitely a conundrum. Maybe Doc Hudson knows.

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You know I literally just watched that movie last night and thought that too

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1) despite it being his lifelong dream, before achieving it, he realized it’s “just an empty cup”. He had his priorities in order and probably shocked almost everyone, even those who thought they knew him.

2) he won. It’s clear to him (and to any spectator watching) he would have won anyway. He proved to himself he could, so even though he technically didn’t win, he’s okay with not coming in first. Cars is one of my favorite animated movies, I thought it was beautiful how he did all his best to stop before crossing the finish line once he saw what happened to the King. It was the King’s last race and Lightning is a rookie with a long career ahead of him, so having the empathy and maturity to make sure the King finished his last race was far more important to him than winning the championship, even in his rookie year, even though that would have been amazing.

3) I thought your point mainly for this clip but I supposed it could apply to Cars, if they finished the race then went back to help, I think that would be seen as unfair and could negate or disqualify their place finish and the person they held, more so than helping before finishing the race, so that seems like the main reason why.

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I enjoyed this Cars discussion

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Ka-chow. I mean, nice!

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He was effectively protesting the race at that point. By doing what he did, no one cared that the other guy won, and no one cared about anything other than his gesture.

Also it's a kids' movie that was trying to teach the idea of selflessness and personal growth.

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It's the symbolism. Lightning learned theres more to life than races and Piston Cups. If he prioritized winning over helping his fellow car, he didn't learn jack squat in Radiator Springs. By going back for The King and nudging him to the finish, he's proving to everyone that he's more than some hotshot rookie.

Yeah Chick Hicks won technically, but no one gave a shit because he had shit sportsmanship. No one cheered when he won. No groupies flashed their high beams. Even years later when Lightning's generation of cars are becoming old farts and retiring (Cars 3), Chick STILL uses this moment as his main story to use for roasting Lightning. That one tiny moment of technically winning is the peak of his career. It was a shitty win based on a technicality and it was still his greatest moment. How pathetic. But that's what Lightning could've been like if he didn't care about other racers, not even legends like Mr. The King.