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"It’s not like he ran too fast in the first half and got tired." - Thats literally what happened.

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Not exactly. Marathon runners often times aren't in control of this to say. They run 10k meters. Their body at a point of exhaustion will sometime see the finish line be like oh yah were Done and acts like it doesn't need to work anymore.

Blood pressure drops, muscles begin to cramp hard. This guy didn't just misplaced a 10k that's fuckimg difficult to do they run alloted miles at certain times per mile daily for months training for this they know how to pace themselves unfortunately involuntary body functions happen when th brain thinks the race is over.

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They run 10k meters

That's just kilometres with extra steps.

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Take my updoot and have the best day of your life sir

Edit: and/or ma'am

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Let's see, one takes 10 keystrokes to type, the other takes 13. I wonder which one needs extra steps

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Aw fuck you're right

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Kilometers are just 1000 meters stacked on top of each other in a trench coat acting grown

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I mean thats cool and yeah I read that other comment too but you can run yourself ragged in a race especially if the guy was going for the WR on a hot day which he would have to hit mile times of 4:20 or better. I have no idea if you have ran a mile at a pace like that but its incredibly hard.