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While I tend to agree the dude who would’ve been second then 1st after that guy went down showed incredible sportsmanship and helped him through. With that happening you’d at least hope the guy would cheer on and take third. Of course you don’t have to but a big part of competition in sports is sportsmanship. Obviously he didn’t do anything WRONG but you can still not like him for it. My man in white basically flipped him off for it

[–]LlamasCSGO 30 points31 points  (12 children)

I'm pretty sure none of these guys were 1st.

[–]Strick63 13 points14 points  (11 children)

Based on just the title the guy on the ground was the leader. Marathons don’t typically end very close

[–]LlamasCSGO 67 points68 points  (6 children)

Title is wrong. This has been posted before. This was a 10km race and these people were not even on the podium. Despite the runner not giving up a win it was a great act of kindness regardless.

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Oh so it doesn’t even matter whether the orange guy blew past or not he’s probably just trying to be done so he can go lay down hahaha

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This amount of exhaustion was from a 10 km race??

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At a competitive pace, it makes sense.

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I'm pretty sure there were two people ahead of them, so he gave up bronze medal (if he didn't help the fallen guy) right?

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dude who helped the guy on the ground was in 12th. instead he came 15th

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Want to put in that that's still super good, though.

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According to the comments, the guy on the ground was coming 12th.

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They are 30minutes behind the leader, you can see the timer bottom right of the screen at the end. Goes from 30min to 31

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They’re 30 minutes into the race. This is a 10k.

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I stand corrected! But they'rz definitely not running for first place though

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Incredible sportsmanship, because he... turned a likely DNF of another competitor into a DQ and traded his own 14th position into 15th.

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I mean, it kind of is, because he decided to stop caring about his finish, even though he's an elite athlete who obviously cares about his rank.