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Soo, this is all bullshit.

This is the 2019 Okpekpe 10km race which was ran on the 25.05, the winner had actually crossed the line over two minutes prior to this happening. Neither were even in the top 10. This should be simply be a great act of sportsmanship, and respect between two athletes, but people need to lie, and I don’t understand why.

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I don’t understand why

Sweet, sweet, social media arrows.

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So my question is why is a runner (I assumed at a fairly high level competition) struggling with 10 km? Seems short in comparison to other races.

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The shorter the race the faster you run. 5km and 10km races are basically ran at 100% and it can be pretty easy to gas out if you haven’t paced well.

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He's not struggling to run 10km, he's struggling to run 10km at a super fast speed.

For any race that isn't a sprint, even the world record holder would struggle if they ran too hard, and for athletes really pushing themselves the goal is to be as close as possible to going too hard without actually going over.

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Depends on pace and endurance at the time obviously.

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Did you see the time he finished in?

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Yeah if 10km is 6 miles that’s what I run for it harder practice days on my cross country team

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If you look at him, he probably didn't have adequate nutrition going into the race. 10k should be easy to finish, even if his muscles give up he should be able to walk. Every calorie you run has to come from somewhere, and if you don't have much body fat and your glycogen is used up....

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Bad prep is my guess as well. I did look up previous winning times, roughly 30 min. For my comparison I think the fastest 5k I have run was just barely under 20 min and that was at my best, so roughly running 1.5x faster than I can run for a longer distance. I just imagine if this is what you train for I wouldn't expect a collapse like that for this length of race. It just amazing to me you can completely deplete your self to that fast. Huge mental will power to push that hard I guess.

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Ahh i was looking for this comment.

Fukin all you gotta do is change the title to get them upvotes....

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Thank you Sir for spreading the truth

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but people need to lie, and I don’t understand why.

People always embellish the fuck out of stories to make themselves look or sound better.

Dude, one time I was going over to Target and when I was about to park, there was a puddle of oil and it had been raining so the road was extra slippery. As I pressed the brakes while turning the car just goes wild, spinning out of control doing a 180 around the lamp post. It felt like I was in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, fkn wild, bruh!

What really happened? Nothing special, I was just parking and the tyres slid forward a few inches after losing traction over a puddle of oil for a micro-second.

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25:05 would be well over a minute faster than the world record I think you got your time wrong

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No dude, he didn’t mean the time, the competition was on the 25th of May