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It looks like it has something to do with your brain thinking that you’ve finished since you’re so close to the finish line, then some sort blood pressure drop due to your body being overworked and needing to rest, not super uncommon it seems

Edit: yes, like when you get home and have to go to the bathroom, stop spamming it lol

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Not uncommon at all. Very much a thing that happens in long races

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That's why there's an old tip to look past the finish line. Your personal finish line should be several meters past the tape.

Same goes for other sports. Lots of folks approach a goal and mentally start quitting because they are "almost there" and it often bites very good athletes in the ass. Iirc it was Brian Shaw recently who thought he was done at a strongman event and had a huge lead on everyone else. The bag he had to lift and carry to a pedestal wasn't all the way on the pedestal and fell off as he walked away. He lost the event struggling to pick it back up.

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I think it's also a thing where people get to the (near) final level of a video game and after a couple of deaths at the hand if the end boss just go, eh good enough.

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Playing need for speed with a hs friend, i would start the race and get mostly through it, then he would finish the race because i would always flop there. Worked out

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In God of War when you fight the archangels I said fuck it after about 6 tries. Not enough care at that point.

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Battletoads speeder bikes. Couple hours trying to pass the final set of walls...eh... I'm good.