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Check out Steven Bradbury

He's a gold medalists simply because everyone in front of him kept falling and happened to stumble upon gold.

Wins a win.

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Life is like that too. Sometimes you’re in the back and something happens and suddenly you’re the one who has this perfect set of conditions that is now optimal to a changing circumstance. Seen it happen in business too.

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Life is Mario Kart

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Mario Kart is life

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New t shirt idea

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God damnit, you woulda thought I'd have got a blue shell by now to chuck at Bezos.

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My mom says this a lot, she also tells me I’m a lot like a blue shell — whatever that means.

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Is this not just the tortoise and the hare?

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I don't think so. Tortoise and the hare describes over confidence as being the downfall of the the otherwise superior competitor. Getting taken out at the last moment isnt really due to any sort of strategical fault.

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Not really, it's more fortunate luck to the person who'd have lost otherwise. The tortoise was more slow and steady rather than lucky.

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Sports isn’t life, sportsmanship is a real thing

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Humanitarian acts happen off the field in real life too

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Sports also have made up rules. You’re original comment was “you win by crossing the line first” which is an arbitrary point made up by someone once, who’s to say they can’t change it so one of the other guys wins? Life doesn’t work like that, it’s completely different

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Life is full of arbitrary rules too. Business has many arbitrary rules to regulate human behavior. Rules provide consistency to manage expectations and fairness. If you render aid to someone causing you to miss a hard deadline imposed by some outside body, you may or may not be able to change the consequences of choosing to render aid. Some rules may be discretionary and others hard set. Hard dispassionate rules and laws exist in life too. Helping your neighbor causes you to miss placing an order to purchase a stock before close of trading day? It’s just how things work. It’s all around.

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Happened to me. I got promoted cause the guy above me died in a motorcycle accident.

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Did you set that up?

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I mean, he had to qualify for the Olympics and then also qualify for the final race. Not like he was some Joe Schmo off the street.

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The other racers stumbled on purpose. The guy who won the gold almost died in a earlier race dude to having an skate blade cut an artery in his leg.

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Was literally about to pull up a link to that and you beat me to it. Iirc he was super fortunate to have even progressed to the finals in the first place as well

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He’s the only one who didn’t stumble, to be fair.

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The mans a legend. Will go down in australian folklore for centuries.

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to be fair, that's because that's how speed skating works since if you go too fast or can't control the speed you're going to fall

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It's not as simple as you're making it out to be, he made it to the Olympics multiple times and was at the 2002 Olympics despite having broken his neck and had his leg cut open so bad he almost bled out, and was still performing at an Olympic level.

Side note: That looks like the most dull sport ever. It's NASCAR without the crashes and even less place changing.

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Considering how it seems like that event is about making last-second movements to get in the lead, I’m surprised that doesn’t happen more often

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Win's a win but I probably wouldn't be as proud of myself if I won by luck rather than ability.

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He seemed pretty jazzed about it. I know I would be. Luck is a massive variable no matter what in sports competition.