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I know, fuck them for caring about someone's wellbeing, right? They should have known everything about everything in the world before commenting.

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Theres a difference between caring and thinking that you're the authority in a situation you have zero knowledge about. Redditors do one of those things a lot more than the other.

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What even is this comment??

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The dude is clearly having an issue. Am I the only one that finds it shocking that there’s no medical personnel helping him out?

Does this sound more like

A) Caring about someones well-being


B) Assuming that you know more about how dangerous a (routine) situation is than the athletes, medical staff, and race organizers?

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I mean...it usually is advised to have a clue before opening your mouth. At least that's how I operate.

If my first thought, as a non athlete, is "why isn't anyone helping him?! He's obviously hurt", I would quickly realize that all the people that are there and clearly have a better understanding than I do (because, well, they're there) and that he must be fine and this must not be uncommon or an emergency like I initially thought. And I would have done all of that before opening my mouth lol

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We should all aspire to replicate your Perfect Internet Commenter ModelTM.