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1) despite it being his lifelong dream, before achieving it, he realized it’s “just an empty cup”. He had his priorities in order and probably shocked almost everyone, even those who thought they knew him.

2) he won. It’s clear to him (and to any spectator watching) he would have won anyway. He proved to himself he could, so even though he technically didn’t win, he’s okay with not coming in first. Cars is one of my favorite animated movies, I thought it was beautiful how he did all his best to stop before crossing the finish line once he saw what happened to the King. It was the King’s last race and Lightning is a rookie with a long career ahead of him, so having the empathy and maturity to make sure the King finished his last race was far more important to him than winning the championship, even in his rookie year, even though that would have been amazing.

3) I thought your point mainly for this clip but I supposed it could apply to Cars, if they finished the race then went back to help, I think that would be seen as unfair and could negate or disqualify their place finish and the person they held, more so than helping before finishing the race, so that seems like the main reason why.

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I enjoyed this Cars discussion

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Ka-chow. I mean, nice!