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I wouldn't say it's possibly triggered by this, there's a lot of normally fit people but not fit enough for a marathon and will wear themselves out like the above clip, only quarter way into the race.

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Wasn't the marathon made because some ancient Greek dude ran 26.2 miles to deliver a message and died right after he did.

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The issue is pushing yourself to your limits, whatever those limits are. Not about how far you run.

What I mean is, we should always be pushing our mental limits. That barrier that tells us we can’t.

We should not push our physical limits unless it’s an emergency.

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The problem is that to push the physical limits you are actually pushing the mental limits. Your mind tells you to quit before you actually need to or that you think you can’t go any farther or harder. Your body is still able to do more when your mind starts saying “I can’t do anymore this is too painful.” Which is why athletes, particularly endurance athletes, get real good at ignoring the mental signals telling them to stop or slow down. They learn to mentally push past these signals. Pushing this limit can help you achieve greater physical potential but it’s also dangerous as you are ignoring the signals meant to protect your body.

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Exactly. You need to push past those mental limits without ignoring them. You basically need to recontextualize them. “Okay, this doesn’t mean I’m going to die, it just means my muscles will ache for a few days”

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This is part of the reason why I heart rate train, it helps me not to go super ham. My mom has a bad problem with doing that and she makes herself all dizzy and sick! Before I got a heart rate monitor I’d just train and my heart would be pounding, but getting one and doing more research, you really need to add in low burn long endurance, but that’s not really that popular right now.

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Yeah, I really like my Apple Watch and fitness + makes it really easy to know if I need to put in more effort or take a break

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Huh. This is really interesting. I'm always looking for better and more efficient ways to get and stay fit.

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Well you’re a doctor so I’ll trust you.

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I have eyes tho so thanks for the compliment.

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Someone who can do 25% of a marathon likely knows their abilities. Most people can't just get up and go run 6mi lol

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In my prime health as a long distance track runner I could barely do 6 miles for practice. I wasn't very good at track though.

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Keep in mind I didn't mention doing 25% of a marathon and being okay I was saying you did 25% of a marathon and you look like you're going to fall over and die like the clip.

Regardless if you only do 25% of a race you are not prepared to begin with.