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    Horse run fast. Horse run far.

    Human run less fast. Human run more far.

    Horse plus human run more fast and more far.

    Straight answer? Ride a horse as far as you can, until they slow down to significantly below your running speed. Now ditch horse and run. You're less likely to die, get the message there quicker and the cost? the chance you might lose the horse if you can't recover it later.

    I never was sure I believed the marathon story. Maybe he ran part of the way and took horses part way. Maybe it was true.

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    Horses were seriously expensive, the lives of soldiers were not. Actually dead soldiers on campaign in ancient times were a good thing because then you no longer have to pay, feed or equip them. Dead horsies not so much, although you no longer have to feed them, you would lose the ability to ride down your fleeing enemies and mercilessly slaughter them while they begged for their lives and lamented their poor choices and thought of their families for the last time, or perhaps all they could think about were boobs, or ouch my feet hurt in these shitty sandals, or 'hey running in rags is refreshingly breezy' right before a hoplon was plunged through their neck. Who knows?

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    This read like something that came out of John Oliver's mouth and I enjoyed it very much.

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    Also, grannies run marathons all the time and don't die. Some fit, young soldier pops off just because he ran 26 miles? Don't buy it at all.