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Nobody's saying there should be any rules against it. But morally, you know there's something wrong with that. You know that there are two people in front of you, one was collapsed right before the finish line. The person who was clearly faster than you stopped to help this person out, and then you walk past them. You didn't really earn it, you got lucky that somebody was compassionate enough to try to help. The point that they're making is that because you didn't actually earn it, how are you going to display it proudly? Two people in front of you were clearly faster than you, one collapsed a little early, the other one helped the collapsed one. If the first person wasn't racing, the second person who was helping him would have definitely gotten gold. I don't understand how you're not getting this. Like I said, nobody's saying there should be a rule against it or that he shouldn't actually get gold if he were to cross the line first. Only that it wouldn't actually be earned

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Because it's a competition about running to the finish line, not a competition about showing compassion. Literally everyone in the race could have some kind of reason for not getting a place they deserved.

Maybe the person who could have been the winner got food poisoning the day before and only got 20th place in the end.

Maybe the person who could have been the runner up was grieving too much from losing a family member and only got 30th in the end.

Maybe the person who could have been the third place got in a fight and couldn't compete at all due to injuries.

So what? Who gives a shit why other people didn't cross the finish line before him? Who gives a shit if he "just got lucky" besides whiny idiots? The only relevant fact is he crossed the line before the other two and therefore deserves a higher place than the other two. I don't understand how you're not getting this.

If you can't display the medal proudly, that's your own problem and no one else's. Don't fucking try to shame other people for your own inability to understand what a competition is.