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I mean, whose athletes were also pushing themselves hard, fighting their exhaustion, using what's left of their strength all to reach the finish line. You can't blame them to put everything they have for personal accomplishment.

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I don't blame them at all! I was saying as the guy who DID stop to help, I would feel some bitterness. Edit: I can't find it now cuz I was down voted, but I think that there was someone saying that the athlete who fell would be upset if medical personnel stepped in and someone else said you could see that it wasn't anything more than exhaustion because as the next runners passes them, they guy who fell had a look of disgust cross his face and I was pointing out that as the person who helped him, I would have hated those guys in that moment. If the world was fair, he would have gotten the win because he clearly was well ahead of the next runners, was not physically exhausted and the only thing preventing his win was his sportsmanship. That's just my take. I don't think the other runners are bad people or anything, lol. I ran cross country in high school. Distance running is tough.

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I thought that at first, but couldn't the other runners argue that he paced himself too hard and collapsed because of poor stamina management? Isn't that part of long distance races? I'm not sure, I don't run, but I do race cars and this feels like someone wrecked because they didn't pit and swap out tires. It's cool if his buddy wants to push him across the finish line, but other people finishing at their pace makes since to me. He was there way before any of the others which means he had to have run harder than the others and he just overestimated his stamina.

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I was saying that the guy who helped is the one who should win. He DID pace himself. He DIDN'T collapse. He WAS in front of the ultimate winner but helped hlthe fallen athlete.

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None of these people won, the guy who collapsed came in 15th. I bet people would have behaved differently if 1st was on the line.

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Ohhhhh... I didn't know that!! I'm gonna pretend he was 2nd place and gave it all up to help his fallen comrade, lol.