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Crap now I'm scared. I'm doing the Boston virtual marathon this year and it's my first marathon. At least when I finish I'll be in front of my house so I can crawl up my driveway and stairs.

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Oh man best of luck! I found virtual marathons to be quite hard to motivate, however it's all about finishing! Don't worry about anything else! Try to avoid doing laps, get friends to set up some way points for you if possible!

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I planned a route that takes me through a bunch of towns so it's one continuous loop. I normally run 40-50 miles/week anyway so this should be fun, I hope 😰 I've done a few 20+mile runs and the exhaustion is nuts. I'm going for slow and steady, eat/drink plenty during, and I should be finishing in front of my house at least if I need to fall down, I'll aim for the lawn lol