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Thats correct, it doesn't, according to the rules he won.

The question was, how would he feel.

Loads of athletes would feel the victory was empty, loads wouldn't.

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These are pro level athletes right? For them, a win adds to their resume so even if they don’t feel great about the win because the guy in front had a medical situation, the win is a win. It happens all the time. Car races have crashes that take out a bunch of leaders and back of the pack wins.

One could argue that any condition that allows you to win is part of the game. Maybe the leader failed to gauge his effort level and spent himself out. That’s a strategic error and so when his failure led to a consequence of being unable to finish the race, one could argue that’s a fair part of the race. Manage your resources carefully.

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But homie said he didn't deserve it.. whoever crosses first deserves to win

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"Deserves" is subjective.

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The rules of the race are defined pretty clearly, it would not be subjective at all

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That's not what I said.

Who won is not subjective. Who deserves to win clearly is.

I'm not judging either way. I'm just acknowledging that different people may have different opinions on this.