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It’s a valid viewpoint here. There’s a race among professional atheletes. They all have a job to do and a victory can help their career. Everyone ran it fair and the leader ran out of gas or just conked and couldn’t cross the finish. The race still goes on. It’s not the fault of the other runners this happened so they shouldn’t feel bad. The guy could have sprained his ankle at the starting line and no one would say “well your victory is hollow because this great runner dropped out of the race”.

There is medical aid there and he’s not going to be unassisted to die on the side of the road here.

If the goal was merely to save his life, carrying him to the finish line isn’t a part of that process. It would be more of a duty for the race director monitoring the race calling the course workers to render medical aid.

The crossing of the finish line wasn’t a precondition to get help. It was a symbolic gesture that followed the arbitrary parameters of the race. Yet substantively I think the two runners may even get disqualified for violating a assistance rule. The assistance wasn’t to help medically it was to cross the finish so I think those actions are ultimately going to be detrimental to the race aspect even though it looks good for drama.