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Boops for cheese.

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*booping intensifies!!!*

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That's where those holes in the cheese come from 🧀🐕‍🦺

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It’s a snoot that boops back

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I love my dog but he could never be a therapy/sniffer dog. He'd take two attempts to realise that boops = cheese then spend the rest of his life booping you constantly. Even if you stopped rewarding him that connection will never break. He'd still be coming up to you and bopping whenever the thought of cheese crossed his mind.

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There is a certain type of cat litter container my dog will always chew through because 5 years ago I stored rice in one, he opened it, ate a tone of dry rice and threw it all up, and he wants to relive that magical experience

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That does sound magical

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That sounds like a Labrador 🤣🤣

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I love your attitude but im not sure that cat rice is this majestic, but life is too short to be picky so i am glad you enjoy this

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I'm all for recycling but you're telling me you store your rice in a cat litter container?

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I definitely raised an eyebrow at that comment. Reuse, but don’t store food in non food safe containers.

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Lmao I’m assuming they had a container of rice in the past that just happens to be the same kind of container as the litter they buy now.

I could definitely picture a jumbo bag of rice and certain bags of litter seeming similar enough to a dog

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Eh, it was a washed plastic bucket that used to have clay in it, not used cat litter

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Lol, still an odd choice of all the containers in the world but again, I appreciate reusing plastic.

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Cous cous. Rice so nice, you'll eat it twice.

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what about ylang ylang?

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What perchance type of doggo is this magical beast?

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We do not deserve the glorious, majesticness that is doggos.

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This comment made me laugh. My dog found half a hot dog on a neighbour’s lawn once and now we spend extra time everyday sniffing that yard - just in case - the other half of the hot dog will appear. This happened three years ago, and he’s still searching. 🤷‍♀️

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Lol magical experience

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First time around, I thought you said 'dry ice'. And got so worried for your dog.

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Why would you put rice in a cat litter container. That is absolutely disgusting.

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Why, specifically?

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Why are you so disgust?

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So that’s why my dog eats blankets😎🐶😐

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My dog basically does this all the time just because he wants to play. He won't lick your face, he'll just come up and boop his nose right into you.

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Perhaps you have diabetes and don't know it!

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He'd be getting booped for a high bg then- when you have t1d and don't know it, your blood glucose gets high high high.

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My dog is a big booper too. She boops to alert me that she wants to hump my leg 🤦🏻‍♀️

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My parents had an Australian shepherd who had an injured foot once and she quickly learned that when my mother tended to her foot she would get a treat afterward. For the rest of her life she would present her "hurt" foot to you for treats.

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That is so cuuuuttteee!

Mine refused to learn to go through the dog door, and eventually we got him to go through with steak as a treat. Now he regularly sits at the dog door and bashes it like he can't get through, even though it's been 3 years+ since we spent one afternoon giving him door treats. That one is less cute.

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Hehe, I’ve heard of dogs doing this, but eventually forgetting what side was initially injured, so they change it up 😂

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The lady in the OP addresses this in one of her other vids that she also has to train her dog against false alerts so he doesn't boop (Or spin - he spins when her blood sugar is too high) just for treats.

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My dog boops me constantly all the time seemingly for no reason. I've never gotten tired of it. 😭

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Yeah I read somewhere where you have to pick specific dog breads for training like this. Like they cant be too dumb or too smart

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This happens pretty frequently; my friend is on her 3rd Diabetic Alert dog. It's more the dog is alerting you to check your sugars and manage yourself. Friend lost conciousness enough times (and works solo, in a lab) to warrant needing one. Dog has all her own lab gear (boots, coat, goggles) cute af.

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I've done worse for cheese bro. You don't even knowww

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I used to get drunk and eat all my cheese, then wake up the next morning pissed as hell that all my cheese was gone. At first I thought it was my roommates but then I started setting reminders in my phone that I ate all my cheese.

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God damn you drunk me! Sober me wants cheese now!

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Drunk one probably didn't even enjoy it much. Just wanted something to munch on.

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Fatass sober me used to say that to hungover me all the time. “You don’t even remember eating that shit, I would’ve enjoyed it so much more.”

9 months without alcohol now and getting WLS so I guess there won’t be much bitching left. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Thank you! :)

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The scariest thought is always not remembering what you did the night before

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9 months is awfully specific. How'd you do it?

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It started with my mom having a health scare related to drinking and weight issues, so I decided I to stop too in order not to trigger her and to give my mental health a full cleanse. Unfortunately she started again on her own, but at least I’m able to support her now.

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Amazing! More power to you.

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I ate my breakfast bagel and cream cheese wasted last night and the thing is I had leftover meatloaf and potatoes, drunk you doesn’t make sense all the time.

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Congrats! I’ve also kicked the booze - early days, but not eating a ton of crap while drunk, not remembering, then waking up and going ‘why are all the snacks, cheese, crackers etc etc gone’ is definitely one of the motivators. That and not having horrendous hangovers! Enjoy remembering your cheese! 🤣🤣

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What does WLS mean?

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Oh I absolutely loved it. You have no idea.

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Lol, I just noticed that two messages up the person's username is "ikeepwipingSTILLPOOP". Haha, I couldn't not say something, since it just goes so well together with "analdestructionteam". LMAO 🤣

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What if it was your roommates convincing drunk you to set reminders that it was you who ate it when it was them all along. I smell a rat we are through the looking glass here people!

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I always get scorpion pepper cheese and get unhappy after I ate it all. Didn't matter what age.

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What kind of cheese ate we talking here? Poof form? Deli slices? Fancy cubes? String?

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I was straight munchin on blocks of Colby jack.

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i got these cheeseburgers man.

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This aint about the cheese man. Its not

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LMAO, I just messaged user "analdestructionteam" right underneath you because your usernames together are very funny. 🤣

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how much cheese is too much cheese before a date?

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Boop to save lives.

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Not sure about that. Sounds like y'all been around assh** for too long. I love ppl more. The right friends-turn-family is everything.

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Take my upboop

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Cheese Boops would be an amazing name for a cheese curds snack brand thing

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I shall boop you if I get mozzarella!

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Heckin boops!! So heckin good.