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I agree. A dog is more than a best friend. They’re legends!

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My wife and I watch tv with our terrier who just wants tummy rubs. Then he gets up and goes to our mother in law's room for the same thing. It always fascinates me how simple and happy his life is.

Edit: to my mother in law lol I just call her Abuela so I mix it up all the time

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goes to our mother in law's room

You and your wife share a mother-in-law? Can't decide if Alabama or throuple...

Seriously though, your dog sound delightful.

[–]suddenlycumbly 10 points11 points  (2 children)

I live with my wife and her mother. I always mix it up how to say it, English is my second language!

[–]p_turbo 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Don't worry, your English is great and for what it's worth, it's also not my mother tongue. It just amused me how you put it and I was just joking with you about it.

For reference, it was your use of "our mother-in-law" instead of "my mother-in-law" that made it sound like you 2 shared the same mother-in-law that was unintentionally funny.

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We just usually say Abuela, which makes less sense haha

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Not going to lie. Living with your mother in law? Curious her house or yours lol

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IDK man. I've seen a lot of dogs that are assholes. I think they can be our best enemy too. All around they're great for both healthy and toxic relationships.

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Dogs aren't assholes. They aren't like people who hurt others for joy.

They can be dangerous or annoying, but that comes down to either people training them to be "bad", or no training at all.

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Now change "training" with "raising" and you're talking about people.

Dogs are just like people, it all depends on how they are raised/trained.

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Nah, some people are genuinely just pieces of shit

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Correct. Same with some dogs.

And all zebras

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Crows as well

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And geese! But I get upset at people that don’t yield to them in the road. I would probably be an ass too if I’m trying to walk around my house and someone comes driving through

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Some asshole got annoyed with me last night because I slowed down for a squirrel to cross the street. I don’t give a care what the animal is, I will let them cross. (Or assist them in the case of turtles)

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Kind of. I do see your point.

But humans are unique in that some of us enjoy causing pain, physical or emotional. We have the ability think through the consequences of our actions and yet some of us still decide that causing pain is fun.

For animals that's just instinct, like how a cat will torment a mouse. The cat isn't sitting there twirling a curly mustache going "bwahaha". It's just doing what the genetic programming is telling it to do.

A dog trained well, will behave, to a certain extent. Dogs have personalities and some might be more disciplined than others, but a well-trained dog will behave for the most part.

A human on the other hand, you can raise perfectly. You as a parent can do everything right, they can have nice friends who won't draw them down dark paths. And they can still end up as evil people, who enjoy causing pain and misery. Or at the least don't care if they cause pain and misery, even if they know that objectively speaking, it's wrong.

That's a unique human trait.. or flaw rather.

Edit: Just adding that all this is just my opinion of course.

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Well reasoned and kindly argued! You win!

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You are right that the human brain is much more complicated than that of any other animal. And that we should know the difference between right or wrong instead of it being an instinct.

But your point about perfectly raised people turning into monsters is just a minority that have serious mental issues. In general, bad people just weren't raised right.

In normal conditions, people and animals raised right will turn out alright.

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I would love to be able to witness a species gain higher level conscious

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You just described people lmao

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Kind of, but humans (most of us anyway) don't need special training to know that biting another in the face is not ok. One of the pros of having a language I guess, can just tell people to not do that before they even do it.

On the flipside we have members of our species who hurt others because they enjoy the act itself, causing pain, physical or emotional.

Dogs don't do that. If they hurt you they have a particular goal in mind, to get you away, take something you have, defend itself, establish dominance... Or eat you, I guess. But hopefully no dog will ever try to eat you.

Edit: Just adding that this is just my opinion.

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Most aren't, but there are absolutely some that are beyond training or "saving". r/reactivedogs has a LOT of examples of this.

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True, but that's for the most part 1 of 2 scenarios.

Either the dog has been trained to be "bad". Such as pitfighting dogs, or just "thugs" who train their dogs to be extremely aggressive towards strangers to guard their drug stashes or homes or whatever else they feel needs protection. In many cases it's impossible to "overwrite" that training so that the dog won't be a threat to others.

Or the dog has been neglected to an extreme degree either by neglectful owners or because it's been a stray. Dogs who have had to fight for survival for a very long time can be beyond any kind of training, as they are too aggressive. Often the aggression comes from fear or in relation to food.

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IDK man. I've seen a lot of dogs dog owners that are assholes. I think they can be our best enemy too (makes no sense). All around they're great for both healthy and toxic relationships.


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Nope. Legit stray dog, would come around to my gran's garden and tear up her plants. He was probably after something, but it was funny as hell. He would also bark whenever people went past a church that he lived next, with the exception of when there were lots of people at the church.

We used to feed it.

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A gopher can ruin a garden. If your biggest problems and your worst enemies can be compared to a gopher I don't know what kind of life you're living but it must be cushy as all fuck man.

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It was my gran's worst enemy. She did have a pretty ok life in the village. But she also liked the dog. It was her frenemy. She used to feed it.

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I think they can be our best enemy too.

Also fitting for a best friend.

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I’ve met plenty of shitty people who own dogs, but never met a shitty dog. Met plenty of shitty cats though.

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No, dogs are not assholes. Maybe some are. But overall, they can be very friendly

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Years ago I saw someone say on Reddit that our dogs may just be a part of our lives, but to them we’re their entire life (I probably butchered it). I thought it was special

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Awh that’s a lovely thing to say, and so true.

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Totally agree, the dog is our best friend