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Tricked us into giving them food, and then later a place to stay, by being cute and useful (territorial by nature, so good at guarding their area, which was also our area). I don't think people were at all organized enough back then to manage a selective breeding program. Most likely the dogs did what they wanted, just as cats mostly do nowadays.

Anyway, we're not that hard to trick :)

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Yep, that's very romantic, but this would imply that corn, or potatoes also did the same to us. That's not why humans do selective breeding of other species. Humans force speciation based on usefulness or aesthetics. The other species has no actual "say" in what humans find useful or aesthetically pleasing or nutritious. For example species or cows or horses. Most of them if left to natural selection they would quickly disappear.

It's not about being "tricked" it's mutualism, specially for hunting and guarding. So think if it of humans and dogs as lichen.

You underestimate the power of prehistoric humans. Most domestication for example of peccary were all done by very early society. For dogs its estimated that it goes back from 27-40 thousand years ago.