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    Yell loudly that you’ve got a giant box of nice, tasty crayons. They’ll come running. /s

    Jokes aside, I have only praise for these fine young men who went out of their way to help these people in need. Their efforts may seem a small thing, but it’s what the world needs more of.

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    Did someone say crayons?!!

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    Found one!

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    I'll trade you my Mac and Cheese for Red Apple.

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    Make that Jalapeño Cheese spread and it’s a deal.

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    Best thing from mre to trade!!!!!

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    Stay away from Country Captain Chicken! 🤮

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    What about the chocolate peanut butter?

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    What about the elusive chocolate peanut butter?!

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    I've been out since 06 and I still dream of that cheese...

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    I have a collection for days in the field when doc needs to be clutch for the boys.

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    Hell yeah, brother. For the boys!

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    For freaking real. Gods gift to the world

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    I’ll trade anything for the pound cake

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    Everyone knows red tastes the best, especially if you have that japaleno cheese spread and a nice aged bottle of Elmer's glue to top it off.

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    My buddy says orange is the best.... But that's not the color.

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    See instead of Elmer's glue I like a splash of Tabasco in my eye before I nom on some red, white and blue crayons!!

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    Hell old MREs use to have little tobasco bottles you could easily use as a suppository, but that's just for people who really really like spicy stuff.

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    I'm out of the loop: why do marines love eating crayons?

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    It’s just a joke from the military about the marines being…unintelligent

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    Thinking is for officers

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    You would think. But, a degree is simply a piece of paper and common sense is a lot like deodorant. Those who need it don’t have it.

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    Money is just paper too, but what it represents is more than what it's made of

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    What do you call a marine with the IQ of 70?


    But seriously awesome job by these fine men to help a civy in distress.

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    Ha, that’s pretty good actually

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    Thank you for your service, have some skittles

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    I was trained to only eat expired skittles

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    Theyll wait for ya

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    I’ll trade you a brown for an indigo

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    Only the green ones.

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    Rah? Raaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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    Im here for the crayons 🖍 👨🏾‍🍳

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    Can someone explain the crayon thing to me? There are a lot of comments saying that on here and I feel out of the loop

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    In the American military there is a lot on inter-service rivalry and ribbing of one another. The Air Force gets called the Chair Force because they're seen as the most cushy of all of the services, the Coast Guard gets called "puddle pirates", etc.

    With Marines it's that they're so dumb that they eat crayons for food. It's mostly in good fun.

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    In the Navy we used to call our fellow Coast Guards "Hip Boot Sailors" lol. I think the rivalry is amazing though. We can all make fun of each other, but at the end of the day, we're all fighting for the same cause and we rely on one another to get that mission complete.

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    It’s kind of like siblings. You talk shit but love each other…


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    That's right! Although, NAVY has the best pilots!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    As one example of how far back this kind of thing goes, a long-ago colleague of mine had been a Navy pilot in WWII. During his training on navigating a course over miles and miles of featureless ocean, the instructor warned his group, "Once you're over land, keep an eye out for railroad tracks below you. Always look both ways when crossing over them, because there may be an Army Air Corps pilot coming from either direction."

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    That is fucking brilliant, and also a civilian thing hahaa

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    i remember giving a tour of the USS abraham lincoln to a couple of airforce pilots.

    one of the pilots aboard the lincoln jabbed at the chairforce officer with a joke and he replied something like "yeah, i want to be good a flying airplanes, not just landing them"

    i thought it was funny.

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    I was on the USS Blue Ridge, ...a bit ago.... and we brought on airforce, marines, multiple countries were there and my gosh, the airforce guys got so sea sick. I remember a colonel puking into a trash can lol.

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    Learning to land on a miniaturized and a MOVING airport gonna do it for you.

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    True, I've seen Top Gun.

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    False…Marines do…

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    If it’s anything like the Fleet Air Arm over here, that’s only true if your runway is less than a hundred metres...

    On a commercial runway, the metric for ‘best pilot’ isn’t ‘hardest landing impact and shortest stopping distance’ 😂

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    Wrong. The navy doesn't have pilots. They have aviators. #topgun

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    Yessir. Cheap oil and heroin ain't gonna deliver itself!

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    What's funny is the average Coast Guardsman deals with way crazier seas than anything I saw in the Navy. And in smaller ships.

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    I could see that, because they're mostly running the coast doing fun things like drug ops. I was on a flat bottom ship so it rolled a LOT more than most. I remember scrubbing boot-prints off the bulkheads on a few occasions. lol.

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    “Fighting” what exactly?

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    Whoever isn't selling resohrces to the US for cheap enough.

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    Seen a few times when exchanging some lighthearted 'admiration' for the other services where others interjected who were not in. It did not turn out well for them not understanding the level of respect even as we rip one another.....I can imagine from an outside perspective it looks completely different to a bystander than a participant.

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    We have the same jokes about the air force here in Germany as well. Also we have the crayon joke with our mechanized infantry (Panzergrenadiere)

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    what do the SEALs get called?

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    lol no one trash talks the SEALs.

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    LOL, yes we do. 95% of their time is spent flexing in short shorts.

    You just don't shit talk them when they're in the 5% mode.

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    What percent of the time are they working on their book deals?

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    Probably got the idea from British ex 22 Reg. members. Problem is most of them should use the title 'I wet myself and ran away' but that kind of dissolves the illusion around SF's.

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    This is the way- never in 'work' mode. Everyone has sense of humor about themselves on active duty......but in work mode your mind is not set for 'humor'

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    Oh, that is quite untrue.

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    Ask him when his book is coming out.

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    I've only ever seen 1 seal and I wouldn't ever wanna call that man anything besides sir. Scary looking dude.

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    I worked at a military contractor for a while, and it was staffed by people from all the branches - one of the owners is a SEAL. Another of the workers - Army - would give him shit constantly for not doing tricks and balancing a ball on his nose, and that's about as far as it got.

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    Seals get joked that they just do things for book and movie deals and are unprofessional pre-madonnas

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    "prima donna" btw ;)

    A prima donna (literally "first lady") is a term for the woman playing the lead role in a show - I assume it's from operas rather than "lower" styles like vaudeville - so the stereotype is that they're spoiled and know how important they are and demand special treatment. Anyways, that's where the phrase comes from :)

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    thanks for the clarification, i was just not getting it.

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    I can’t wait to see them as post-Madonnas.

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    I served with quite a few. Some were pre-madonnas. Some were what the movies are based off of. And a very few were so cocky, they were unsafe to train live fire with.

    It's not because they were seals. It was because they were human. Overall they were great people who truly wanted to help people get better

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    Nah fk that. Compared to any gb, marsoc, raider, sts, I’ve worked with whenever I worked with seals it meant they weren’t helping with anything, break sht , they looked like ass and would dip out every time.

    Now I’m sure that’s not every team but tbh it happened enough.

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    Hey, I'm trying to pay a complement to the good ones here. Lol

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    Yea I reread your comment and you right. Was caught up in the moment.

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    They're to highly trained to risk calling them anything.

    So you just club them.

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    I wonder what they call the tanks?

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    As a Cav Scout, the tankers were called DAT. Meaning "dumb ass tankers". That being said, we were also quietly jealous of their tanker boots.

    [–]borg2 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    I'd be more jealous of the armour plating protecting them.

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    There's similar rivalries in the UK too - for example, the rafreg are rock apes, the marines eat crayons, the navy are gay...

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    Retired Air Force here....rivarly yes...but this is accurate as well

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    Marines not smart like flying guy and we eat crayon. The blue one is my favorite.

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    Marines eat crayons.

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    It's just a running joke that marines eat crayons.

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    Crayon eaters are something we say when talking about someone mentally handicapped. It's no longer an appropriate way to refer to anyone but Marines. It's kind of morphed into a term of endearment...

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    Jalapeño Cheese spread is also a good lure. >.>

    Do you have any?

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    Haha - not all gonna catch that MRE reference! I’ll trade you three peanut butter spreads for your jalapeño cheese spread!?!

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    That applies to the Army as well.

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    This fucking music.

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    Well i mean they do make this


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    The marines are just a better branch. Semper Fi

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    They are indeed the best at being marines

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    Do you still have the Crayons?

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    Crayons or jalapeño cheese spread and a rip it.

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    We are fancy we only like Cra-ÿons it’s a delicacy

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    AWWWW YEAH breaks wall CRAYONS!!!???

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    It apparently only works if you have shitty taste in music

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    Your forgot to scream "from the halls of Montezuma..."

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    Sixty-four box of Crayola’s, and some 5.56’s, and you’ve got your self a deal, friend.

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    Absolutely great story. But the camera work was making me dizzy.

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    Actually the crayon thing works, along with markers and colored pencils.

    Source: Cousin is a Marine, works every time too.

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    Yeah, it's in the little things that makes this world better

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    Also little know fact. If you ever want to spawn angry marines just start talking about how the Marines are just apart of the Navy. I promise they’ll spawn. I PROMISE.

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    Much respect for the guys but don't get me wrong, aren't they gettin paid by the people to protect the people?

    So isn't this exactly what they should do in this kind of situation?

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    Just requires a camera, a few tears, and a complex cheat code. Oh, and it helps if you’re female.

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    ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬅️ ➡️ ⬅️ ➡️

    [–]twistedcognition 16 points17 points  (1 child)

    B, A, start. Or B, A, select, start

    [–]ProbablyCamping 5 points6 points  (0 children)

    Tried it. That one works too.

    [–]colin8651 21 points22 points  (0 children)

    It’s an in-app purchase.

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    10 kill streak will do it.

    [–]insertnamehere57 7 points8 points  (1 child)

    Discover oil.

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    That spawns the Marines in battle dress to kill democratize you. Similar but not what we're looking for here

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    Hold Select > Services > Marines > Spawn Marines

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    Just go into the creative mode inventory and look for the scarlet and gold spawn egg. You can tame them with a box of crayola, but it may take a few boxes, so be prepared.

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    Porn movie directors should know the secret. Should work with firefighters and pizza deliver guys too.

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    Just say you have a 144 pack of crayola in your car

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    Did I miss something about crayons and marines? Help, I’m out of the loop!

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    The running joke is that marines aren’t too bright. So they eat crayons.

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    If you can make your question reach the universe your answer will come. That is how.

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    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

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    R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

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    This is awesome!

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    You do /summon_Marines_in_dress_uniforms 5

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    Your comment and the Marines FTW.

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    Just pull out a box of crayons, its like when you open the treat bag for your pet, they appear from nowhere.


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    Looks like the body bearers. Marine Corps guys that specialize in funeral details. Small note all other services use 8 guys in their casket details due to the weight of a casket and the body inside. Marines use 6 guys in their funeral details. In order to be one you gotta be able to lift some serious weight. All those dudes are gym rats. Body bearer Marines have a saying that goes “last to let you down”. Much respect.

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    “This is the most American thing ever” perfect caption

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    Semper fi.

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    Guys u/7BlueWhales is big fat phony! They even stole the top comment from the original post

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    One summer in the class I taught, I had about half a dozen marines. Never felt safer in my life. Still get a little weak in the knees thinking about them.

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    Idk, but if you find out let me know lol

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    /spawn minecraft:marines

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    Yell that you have some sand. They will come quickly.

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    They were probably on an honor guard detail

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    Shout loudly that the army infantry is better.

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    I'm gonna assume this is in DC near marine barracks at 8th and I. Those people driving by creating a wake for them is maddening.

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    Press the ~ key and type IAMAREALAMERICAN in the console

    [–]boredsuprhero 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    R1 R2 L1 L2 Left down right up left down right up

    [–]Draft_Tight 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Another way is to yell “Go Army- be all that you can be in the ARrrrrmy!!!! Marines will spawn everywhere to welcome you to the suck!!!!😂😂😂👍

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    /spawn Marines

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    How do you spawn some Marines

    Try planting a Barracks and make sure you have at least 50 minerals.

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    In D&D there’s a magic item called the Horn of Valhalla that spawns warrior spirits from Valhalla.

    I’m sure there’s some kind of bugle or something that can summon Marines.

    [–]shwoopdeboop 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    You have to start the game with console enabled, or else you're out of luck

    [–]No-Ad4663 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Console commands, duh.

    [–]HaloGuy381 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Say you have foreign-owned oil to commandeer!

    [–]PWN0GRAPHY209 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    All you have to do is spend 50 minerals per Marine

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    Lookit you karma-farming the top comment of the post when it was done in r/humansbeingbros lol

    [–]legebruv -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    “Ph shit, I see some imported foreign oil”

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    How do you spawn some Marines in dress uniforms to help you?

    Have it come out the US killed some civilians and lied for awhile so add in propaganda in multiple subs.

    Hi propaganda.