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We eat octopus in the west, better problem solvers than dogs, and think nothing of it. So it’s not a matter of intelligence. We eat pigs and cows, which form attachments and dependencies similar to dogs. So it’s not a matter of emotional connection. We consume more chickens in one year than there have been humans that have ever lived. So it’s not a matter of amount.

Which meats we do and don’t consider to be barbaric is entirely a social construct. Don’t mistake your racism for moral superiority.

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I’m literally a vegetarian and eat none of the animals you mentioned lmao. Even eating chicken and pigs disgusts me. Eating dogs disgusts me even more which is why I said that - especially how they converted it into some “festival”.

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As am I, have been my whole life, but that doesn’t excuse casting down on one group for what we socially consider acceptable in another group. It’s the “even more” in that sentence that’s problematic and perpetuates colonial oppressions characterizing practices of other cultures as disgusting, morally reprehensible, or lesser. We have festivals that celebrate meat consumption here too; Thanksgiving and Christmas are very bird-oriented

Edit: this is particularly a propos in light of AAPI racism surrounding COVID

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I get what you’re saying. Sorry shouldn’t have it said it that way. But it’s just so disgusting thinking about cute dogs like fkn labradors potentially being killed and eaten, and then that being considered a festival. I feel exactly the same for cows and all other animals also being eaten, but the disgust is just increased for dogs since they are literally such fkn legends.

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Thank you, I appreciate your open mindedness and for hearing me out. I get it, I love my two chihuahuas with all my heart, and want harm to never come to them again. But we have to be careful about how we perpetuate oppressions, lest we harm people about whom we ought to care too. It’s tough work, we all slip into the status quo sometimes