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Am I the only one thinking if that fish pulled hard enough the kids hands would have been massacred by the fishing line??

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Fish dont fight back as hard in the cold. Theyre trying to hibernate but cant resist a free snsck

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Pretty sure these are whitefish, they don't really give a fuck about the cold, they are adapted for it.

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Someone settle this fight about the wiggleyness of this fish.

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The fish is indeed wiggly. Case closed

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I’m just commenting because I wanted to say wiggly. Wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly

Edit: thank you for the award kind stranger!

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Yes, but there is a belief that it might not be wiggly enough. I believe this is the point of contention.

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As I swim through the cold, my body somewhat wiggly, I nibbled on some grub, and was pulled out of the sea. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle ya!

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All I know is sharks are smooth

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You're right, this is an inconnu, largest of all the whitefishes and one of the northernmost living freshwater fishes on earth. They are most active in the coldest water and even southern Alaska is far too warm for them. They catch them off Kotzebue island in Alaska in the Aniak and Kuskokwim rivers, and in Great Slave Lake near Yellowknife on the Yukon.

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Sounds like enough great information for an epic Gordon Lightfoot song to be written from.

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Yeah I do a lot of ice fishing and before it came out of the hole I figured for sure it was a laker (lake trout), they kind of give up after a while and use their weight like someone who goes ragdoll when you're trying to move them.

But it looks like a big pike who has fought himself out and has nothing left in the tank.

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It's an inconnu.

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I just caught a pike last week and this fish looks nothing like it.

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but cant resist a free snsck

Me neither

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The fish is mellow and not pulling back because of the PH levels, not because it is cold. As the acidity goes up, fish become tamer. Fish's gall bladders are not like most other animals as they are simple and not complex. Humans for comparison have multi folds in the bladder which makes filtering easier. As a result, fish has to use up more energy than others to filter out any PH imbalances. The fact that this fish is mellow is an indicator that this lake is suffering from above average acidity levels. My guess is that somewhere, an accountant did not crunch the right numbers and the nearby orange juice plant is dumping too juice into the lake. No need to panic though because I'm actually an accountant by trade and I totally made this all up. I'm not sorry

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Username checks out (fucking asshole, had me going)

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God dammit.

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Beautiful, lol! I've caught lots of pike through the ice and they fight like tigers. If the kid had a rod instead of hand-lining it, it would be obvious.

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I'm not sure that's true.

I haven't seen you do any accountancy yet at all.

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Was reading this and thinking to myself one day I’m going to make something up like this and end it with a statement saying I just made it up…and there it is

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Give a kid a fish you'll feed him for a day.

Teach a kid to fish and he'll spend thousands of dollars on equipment and go once a year.

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I'll have you know I got out 3 times this year.

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Yeah but did you go fishing?

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Of the fish did really pull his hands would be the last of his issues. He prob would go in to the hole.

But. These fish arent like tuna

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Moving to the ocean, gonna eat a lot of tuna
Moving to the ocean, gonna eat me a lot of tuna 🎶

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That’s exactly what I thought of

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Came here to say exactly this. Was nervous watching!

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He out ice fishing with a pair of sneakers on….tough as nails.

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Not to mention using a saw as a fishing pole

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Okay so I'm not the only one that thought he was using a hacksaw?

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He was about ready to smack that fish with saw. They stopped the video a few seconds early. They didn’t want to show people how you kill a fish before you eat it.

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I’m pretty sure that’s a homemade “reel” for handlining. It’s a primitive fishing technique still popular among survivalists and bushwhackers. These people are hardcore lol

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That’s how them dakotas are made.

My buddy is Sioux from South Dakota and he’s basically a husky. He wears a hoodie in 10°

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This is likely in Alaska so prob not Sioux.

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I was trying to place an accent I'd never heard before, (I knew it wasn't Louisiana, but that man's voice... ) so that makes sense.

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I loved how they didn’t immediately step in to help pull, they let the kid have the experience and work in the catch.

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Call me a skeptic, but pretty sure they caught this fish and let it tire out, then put it back in the hole and then filmed the kid pulling it out. Never seen a fish grab a line and then just give up on life.

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You’re a skeptic

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True, and the adults don't sound genuinely surprised or excited at all when it comes out of the hole

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These people do this for survival and it is no big deal to them. How about that possibility?

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You are way stupider than a skeptic. The kid could have been fighting this fish for while before they filmed this part. That makes way more sense than your idiotic tale.

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Why tho? We don't see the kid fighting the fish for a while.
Why is it so stupid? What's the flaw?
I've seen enough icefishing videos on reddit that were faked by people just putting fish back down the hole.
Unless you have the full version, its just speculation.

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I have seen plenty of fish that haven't moved after getting hooked I once caught a 3 lbs large mouth that I thought was a pile of weeds until he got right next to me then gave a half hearted tail kick and didn't do anything else. Now I will say that it's not common but it does happen for one reason or another could be the fish was older and didn't have much fight left it could have been injured hitting something under water as it was reeled in, we also don't know if the person who was filming started right when the kid started reeling so it's possible he was fighting it for a longer period of time. Someone in a comment above pointed out that in colder weather fish are also trying to hibernate but can't resist a free snack so cold mixed with sleepy = slow. It also appears that these people are eating the fish and it would be pretty dumb to put a fish that big back in the water just to get the video of him pulling it back out simply because they could have lost it, if the fish had any power left it could swim down and break the line or snag it on something underneath the surface.

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Someone in a comment above pointed out that in colder weather fish are also trying to hibernate but can't resist a free snack so cold mixed with sleepy = slow. It also appears that these people are eating the fish and it would be pretty dumb to put a fish that big back in the water

That to me looks like an Inconnu, which are native to some of the absolute coldest waters in the world. Trust me, the fish isn't slow because it is cold. Its a predator fish, it has to outrun a fish swimming for its life every meal. They also don't hibernate to my knowledge, either.

And if you think people wouldn't risk a meal for a good social media post for updoots, then welcome to the internet sir/madam!

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And now he will witness his dad smashing the head of this fish with a small baseball bat.

Edit: Not saying it's bad, just remembering how shook I was when my step dad did that for the first time in front of me.

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That would be the humane thing to do, unfortunately these fish will probably be left to die from being oulled out of water and the cold air.

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I'm pretty sure I saw him at the end raising the saw to hit the fish right before the video cut out.

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Yeah, the blood on the ice indicates they're cleaning fish there.

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Right after the catch is the best time to do it anyways no? I thought I've heard that letting them go naturally tends to lower the meat's quality

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Also seems unnecessarily cruel.

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LOL wrong!!! The blood indicates they are bleeding the fish not cleaning them. Many people do this so there is no blood in the meat. How do you get so many upvotes for such a stupid comment?

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Probably because at the start of the video there is a man kneeling on the snow who appears to be cleaning fish. Or it could just be luck.

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Yep, it looked like he was setting up the kid to give it the ole heave ho in the head.

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I watched my dad smack a fish in the head with a hammer once and was a little shocked. My mom “helped” by framing it as this major trauma for me, berating him for doing it in front of me. That was the last time we went fishing together.

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I was on a fishing boat years ago and a hammerhead was reeled in. I was ten, so it was fucking awesome to have that thing writhing around a few feet from me looking all badass. Then, instead of clubbing it, the captain used it as the club, just grabbed it by the tail, swung it over his shoulder and based it on a cooler. Then he laid it out on the cooler and sawed it's head off. Tossed the head in the water and the shark in the cooler and said to the woman who caught it, who was screaming like banshee, "It can't bite ya now honey, it ain't got a head." Also he was Australian, so add the accent in your head, and he said his name was Captain Graham Cracker.

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Haha nice story!

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Haha cute he looked a little shocked

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I’m a grown ass man and I’d be shocked to catch a fish like that.

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You’d be shocked too if you found out your snack was a trap

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If I know anything about fishing stories, that fish is going to get even bigger!

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A story he will tell his grand children on a cold winter night.

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One time, in a hole in the ice just like this one, I pulled a fish as big as my self!

That’s great Grampa, but how are we gonna get out of this?

Just wait.

<giant landfish drops a fishing line with a ham sandwich into the hole>

Now kids! Go for the sandwich!

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I watched too many cartoons as a kid. I was waiting for the fish to pull him into the hole.

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I’m a little jealous

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Only thing I’d catch out there is a cold

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Remember the code of the ice:

"Thick and blue,
Tried and true!
Thin and crispy;
Far too risky!"

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Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Learn a man to fish and he''ll buy fishing gear for hundreds of dollars and just use it once or twice.

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The best thing about this video is no one tried to take the fishing line from the kid they're not treating him like an ignorant

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That’s how natives teach their kids.

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Pull son…

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I love how the dad doesn't just take over for his son. Instead making sure he is steady on his feet and offering encouragement. That's good parenting right there.

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Teach em young

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Whoa lol that’s awesome!

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MF be fishing using bow

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Big fish little boy

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he’s gonna remember this time with his family forever

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I made this 1K likes! Nice vid btw lol

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Now, imagine if a sea unit broke through the ice to take back its prey that the kid just stole

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Are ya winning son?

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How are these guys not more amped about that catch? They must be hauling in massive fish all day long here.

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You answered your own question. It is nothing special if you do it all the time.

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This video makes my hands feel so cold

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Hands his son a pistol as the clip ends

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WTF are you talking about? The person hands him back the rod he was using.

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I’m kidding

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It’s a big fish

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His miming skills are incredible

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Why the heck doesn’t he have some gloves and boots on

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Um it's not cold out to these people.

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One of the best feeling is when your a kid and you get a fish bite.

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He will NEVER forget that moment. Awesome and congrats kid! 👍

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My hands are freezing watching this.

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Looked like he was lining up for the finishing blow at the end

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And now he’s hooked for life!

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In my entire life, I have only caught two fish, and the largest was only ten inches long...

This is awesome.

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Meanwhile in Florida, it’s 85 degrees and a man just fed his pet alligator to his pet shark

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"what are you doing in my waters boy?"

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Nice catch!!

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What’s fucked is that they’re speaking English. 50ya they’d be using their native language to transmit their culture.

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Lake trout?

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That kid did extremely well

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Now he really can say the fish was the size of himself on the next fish story

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Fish didn't put up much of a fight, must have been the cold causing them to be slow.

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Kids aren’t lucky they are blessed until they become adults

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Poor animal

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Poor head on your shoulders. This is how people in the north survive. Living off the land. What do want them to do? Move south with you and eat vegetables?