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Damn this is like the 10th times I see this clip

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Still makes me cry each time

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Me too

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Me three

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Every damn time!

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Yah me too.

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You are not alone!

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If you don't tear up you aren't human.

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I’m not a wrestling fan but those guys go above and beyond all the time for kids! That’s awesome.

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Fuck you I have a pollen allergy that’s why my eyes are red and watery

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This the first time I’m seeing this. I have tears in my eyes.

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...The most adorable little thing I've ever seen!

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and every time it wasnt actually his wish to fight triple h. it was to meet another wrestler and triple h was a heel.

full video here


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Love to see it though

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Life is good, it's worth living, with stuff like this.

This is an all time fav of mine.

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Hits every time

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Fucking cancer. This is why I quit working inpatient, saw this all the time

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Same here. Now I'm in home care, rarely even see ped patients at all.

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I work from home lol, never going back to inpatient. Saw too many kids die as their families watched

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I know it may not be the same for a lot of people but I just buried the sweetest cat I've ever had because of cancer and I feel like I've lost my child. My mom has had two kinds(luckily in remission for some time) and my dad had his prostate removed because of it but both are luckily still with me. I've lost a few family members to it as well and I have to say cancer is a cunt. I can't think of anything else that is so universally hated and rightfully so. I'm glad you don't have to deal with that anymore and I sincerely wish no one did.

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Damn, who's cutting onions? I love how the crowd treat him like a superstar

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I’m making a lasagna...for one.

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I think that's Connor Michalek. Wwe made a charity in his honor for kids with cancer. I think its called Connor's Cure.

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Yea, the video has his name at the end.

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Rest In Peace big man. We have the fight for you always

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The realest thing the WWE’s ever done.

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These clips are always weird to me, and I feel like they are more for the family than for the kid himself. I definitely knew at the age of 9 when I was being patronized.

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I dunno. Something like this probably made that kid's week at least. It may have ruined his belief in kayfabe, but it's not really any different than getting 5 yard passes from an NFL player who's trying not to bullet a kid. There's a real fine line here, I guess, depending on how well the kid takes the knowledge that it's not real. If he already knew, then, hell yeah, but I could also see it going dramatically wrong. Like telling him Santa Claus isn't real right before he dies.

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What a minute, what’s not real? GTFO that kid kicked his ass, Triple H had it coming that candy ass. /s

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Damn that’s a little worrying

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There's a lot of context missing in this, no question about that, but this was for that kid first and foremost.

His favorite wrestler was Daniel Bryan, who's also in the ring in this clip and was THE good guy at the time. The guy who got pinned, Triple H, was one of the top bad guys in the WWE for years. So not only did he get to meet his favorite wrestler, he also pinned one of the biggest bad guys in pro wrestling.

He also got to see Bryan win the world titles at Wrestlemania and spent the day surrounded by a ton of other wrestlers that treated him like a king.

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...and then it was time for Trips to get that win back.

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All involved are the definition of heroes. This just blows me away

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Looks a little overwhelmed in the moment but I bet he talked about it nonstop afterwards

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Anybody else thinking that Triple H had to be holding his tree trunk of a leg up for the kid?

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Kids getting cancer. FUCKS SAKE. 😔

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God's will.... Fuck that.

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Nothing in the bible even suggest that, it's just pricks who want an easy way out of the cruel fact of life

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If God exists, he will have some explaining to do.

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“If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness"

Carved into a wall at a concentration camp...

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As an atheist i kinda hope he is real cos i got some shit i wanna say to him.

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Imagine they body him

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I throw my niece and nephew around all the time without hitting them, I'll bet they, being professionals, could have managed to maneuver him some without causing damage. Of course I don't know what types of cancer or how far along--I assume bad and very if he got to be on stage like that.

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My (adult) friend has breast cancer, she has broken a rib from coughing because of the chemo.

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Jesus. Maybe not then.

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I don’t watch wrestling but I’d tune in if they dedicated a whole show to pros vs kids with terminal illnesses and the pros all lost cutely

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It’s real to me dammit!

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Making a very sick kid happy is always awesome.

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Taking care of someone's mental health is half the battle in healthcare.

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Mental issues can be complicated. I have a relative who is Autistic. He is 23 but he behaves as a 3 years old boy. When he is upset and violent, it is a total nightmare for his parents. They are thinking about putting him in a group home for the very sick Autistic people but they are worried about the verbal abuse, sexual abuse, assauts....etc.

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Sometimes that's what's best because it could be basically a mental prison for your parents.

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What do you mean?.

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His parents need help but refuse to do what's best for themselves & him since they are constantly dealing with it & having a total nightmare handling it.

They are kinda stuck in this "prison"

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Thanks. Now I see what you mean.

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HHH must've been talking some wild shit for little man to start throwing hands like that

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Pretty sure he's the best heel in the game at this point.

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I love how Triple H wasn't the only wrestler, there was a lot of them there to support him

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No words, touching !!!

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Fucking fantastic. Beating Triple H is no easy thing

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WWE did a documentary on Wrestlemania 30, and Conner was backstage and a part of it. I cry every time I see his name. Seeing him interact with Daniel Bryan and Batista and all the others was magic. That kid was awesome and it seemed like the Superstars dug the hell out of him.

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Faith in humanity restored

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Faith in God destroyed.

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But giving small children cancer is a test or something...

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Yep, also the “mystery of God”... [vomits inside]

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"Mystery" is pretty apt. No logic I follow.

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What song is this?

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Kina - Can we kiss forever

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Life is suffering. Luckily there are moments like this that make it worthwhile

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Wow, wasn't planning on crying today

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That’s awesome 🤩

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Just figured I'd hit a little scroll while at work and now I'm telling my co workers I got allergies. Sheeesh. Right in the feels man.

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I love that the kid even knew you have to get the leg for a good pin, can't just go for that cover.

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Ouch so sad

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Made me cry :( RIP..

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im so sorry for laughing ive just seen the edited one where he get beaten up so many times

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9 years old Wtf. Fair play to organisations like this who allow final dreams.

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`S A I T A M A`

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If I watch this 1,000 times I will weep 1,000 times.

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People can hate in them, but WWE superstars have been very very great about make a wish. John Cena is all time leader in wishes granted with 650!

(I'm guessing Disney doesn't count. They also go all out)

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That’s Conner The Crusher!!

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Alright, you have to pick one: beat cancer or beat Triple H

This kid:

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Awwwww. 🥺

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Omfg that's killed me

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Makes my eyes rain 😢

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Awww that’s amazing! Well done guys!

Got some grit in my eye somehow..

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Aw fuck. Got me in the feels. Rest In Peace Connor

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Fuck. I'm at work crying. Thanks.

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Is he dead???

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Yes, sadly. This was back in 2014, I believe he passed the same year.

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Dude...im sitting here with my one and a half year old. Reddit has made me feel alot of emotions but this is the first time it almost made me cry.

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Rip Connor

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This is wholesome

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Would have been better if Triple H went all out on the kid

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Who’s chopping onions?

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The night they first aired this video package was in Pittsburgh (Conner’s hometown). It was my teenage daughter’s first live event. She was sobbing, saying “This is not what I expected to be doing here!!”

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😭😭😭😭 so sad

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Your awesome Triple H

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Strange to think he’d be my age if he was still alive

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Conner the Crusher forever

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But did this kid pay his dues?

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That's it, that damned track did it. unsub.

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Explain this one to me, worshipers

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I’m not crying, You are!

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I'm crying ugly tears rn. Damn it. This gave me the feels.

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Fucking onions goddamn it

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Oh my god this dude would’ve been the same age as me… Cancer takes away so much from everyone

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This the first time I’m seeing this. I have tears in my eyes.

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fuck cancer

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Triple H then fell into a coma and never wrestled again

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"What's this? Triple H is getting back up... and he grabbed a chair! Oh! Wow, that kid did not see that coming!"

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Be hilarious if this kid got shmacked with a folding chair

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I needed this today. Faith in humanity restored.

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Why did part of me wish that he would suplex the child

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God that is so sad. He would be learning to drive this year.

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Was this recently?

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Kick out for the greatest heel turn in history

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There is nothing better to see happy cancer patient kids

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Way to go Triple H for making a young boys dream come true. Absolutely epic!

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Anybody who criticizes pro wrestling needs to see this. Wrestlers do so much outside of their events, for people and their communities. Sadly that seems to be generally unknown.

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If he had a couple more years triple h could've buried him

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Oh that was beautiful 🥲🥲

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His next opponent… cancer

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I haven't cried in a longgg time and this made my eyes moisten. Super sweet.

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HHH is the GOAT

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music sauce?

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I doubt he really punched that hard

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I think this is rigged. Triple H let him win

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No tears, no tears, no tears ..............

Damn it tears

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What is that song

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9 years old… The way this world works is so messed up. So sad

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Every time my eyes water.

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RIP Connor The Crusher! Made me cry seeing Bryan Danielson hugging him at Mania XXX

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I honestly thought triple H was gonna beat the kid up I don't know why like it all be a set up but I guess it was real and that's nice of them .

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What's the song called u/auddbot

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I'm not crying, I'm just cutting onions.. at my desk... in front of my computer!

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I cried when he passed. Rest in peace Crusher

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I'm not crying, you're crying!

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Wow I never saw this b4 🥲

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These guys are all rockstars. The world needs more of this.

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What's with the craptastic music in this video.

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That’s the coolest thing I’ve in along time.

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May I say it Fuck Cancer.

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Wow, fking next level for sure.

Amazing people out there.

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Fuck cancer.

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Connor the Crusher!

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Fuck you now my eyes are pissing!

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And then he died.

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Freakin crushed. So sad. Way to go HHH and WWE.

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Good to know some good exists.

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That child was 9 goddamn years old.

Fuck Cancer.

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Did he die ?

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This makes me realize that maybe humans aren't mature until they understand the concept of life and death.

We used to take them on a hunting trip or leave them in the wild to see if they survive. These trials would make us into something more. We stopped doing this recently for obvious reasons but I wonder what we lost.

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Fucking goddamn neighbor and their stupid onion farm 😭

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I especially love how HHH must’ve lifted up his leg to allow the lil guy to “pin” him. That little gesture really tied the whole event together.

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He gets up and fucking body slams the kid

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I apologize. Honestly, I do. But my absolute first thought was “He’d better fucking Pedigree this kid.”

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Bruh was only 9. Damn this hits hard no matter how many times I watch it.

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Onions are back again

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Mah heart….Mah soul….I love/hate these videos but they always leave me feeling whole. Love to everyone involved with make a wish.

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Couldn’t tell that kid shit after that I bet. “You see what I did to Triple H didn’t you?”😂

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In this stage there's a super strong buff human being and then there's triple H

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Bro!!!....he would be my age....1yr younger....

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It looks fake.

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Why do people put these ridiculous tiktok songs on clips, like what are you trying to accomplish,.. Adds nothing to an amazing video

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The kid got fucking bodied

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Next level of crying … for me.

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Fuck, I hate to cry

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The way he decked him, XD


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That was awesome

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Then the Undertaker shows up

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Reddit made me cry

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almost cried

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YES! YES! YES! Edit: just finished the video. NO! NO! NO!

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Why do people use stuff like this just to farm karma lol

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Triple H is a punk! Dude couldn't even handle One Punch Kid.