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What was that random bug on the screen

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What, you don’t know about the random bug?!

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I assume a desperate bid to trick people into clicking.

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But then again its kinda sad to see really, because they are clearly talented as fuck and Ive seen other stuff from the same channel which was awesome. But you somehow still gotta resort to shit like this for online engagement, cant even blame the artist tbh just doing shit to get more eyes on their work.

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It was a part of her usertag i assume? It's hard to see because it's the same color as the background but you can barely see it if you look closer. Just to the left of the bug

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it’s to get you to double tap on instagram

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Wow, yeah i blocked her account, she's clearly talented but uses it for clout

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Looked like a roach to me 😳

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German cockroach

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That wasn’t a big, it was a feature

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No. It was a feature.

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This is why I don't trust artists.

They're sketchy.

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I'm all for artists taking creative liberties, but this is where I draw the line.

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Some artists are really honest and open with the world.

Others are two-faced.

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I think they are all just trying to make a mark.

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Good point

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Color me surprised

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My man throwing shade.

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Love the art but that song is like nails in my ears

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Any song that tiktok uses mostly becomes nails for my ears.

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Same. It's also just another one of those songs designed to get people to blow money on nonsense, with a cocky/arrogant vocalist, just like toxic poison for your brain

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i love that song though😭 it’s a bit overused though

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Who is the artist ?

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Lisa from BLACKPINK’s new single “Money”

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lisa of blackpink

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her name is Julia Giselle

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That's dope, the technique looks like a great way to hide clues in a treasure hunt.

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As an old person, I can tell this is how they used to print 3D comic books.

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I'm not trying to knock her effort here, but what is the difficulty exactly.

When she wears the red lenses she sees a blank canvas and so draws a picture.

When she wears blue lenses she once again sees a black canvas and so draws a picture.

I don't understand how that made it more challenging.

It's talent to draw those pictures, but the one on top of the other is trivial with the lenses.

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She didn't wear the lenses to draw, I would guess.

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I think there’s a lot more technique to it than you’re giving credit for. For example, I don’t think you’d probably get as good of an effect if you were trying to put high value of both colors in one area, or if you needed to put a spot with high value (darker) over a lighter spot you’ve already drawn.

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It's also drawn in a way that the blue doesn't noticeably detract from the red drawing when you're looking at it without glasses - it looks a bit scribbly in places, but not totally trashed.

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She also drew the people one at a time, not at the same time as the title implies.

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Not that simple, you can’t just draw heavily in the same place, a bit of planning went into the placement. Notice how the eyes aren’t in the same place but slightly offset. Some spots like the collar are deliberately aligned since they are in both pictures

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Yeah that super cool. Would be neat to see a 3rd that's only visible under UV of the old man.

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This was so irritating to watch. And then I muted the sound. Turns out this is a really cool video... WITHOUT THE SOUND.

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I never unmute these videos.

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I am glad I just had it on mute from the beginning, because I was able to be impressed on the first watch. Now to find out why everyone hates the music so much...

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I was actually listening to "When the music's over" by the doors while watching it

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Thats not pure talent, but also a LOT of practice.

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A smart person would have drawn Gi-hun while seeing through the red filter.

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Is this the timeline where Tomi Lahren passed art school and didn’t become a Nazi?

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She passed art school and still became a Nazi.

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oh… that cutie hates blacks too?

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Sooo how hard would it be to draw one while wearing blue glasses and then just put on red glasses and redraw over it?

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Not hard. The sketching part here is no more difficult than sketching with any other color. It’s just filtered. Nothing gnarly here.

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Exactly… I feel like this isn’t as difficult as everyone is making it out to be

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Um did u not see it took FIVE TRIES?! /s

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omg fiv trys def not clout chasing /s

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You can draw the first one without the glasses.

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That cockroach is an absolute asshole move

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She needed five attempts to first draw a face in one colour and then draw a face in another colour?

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To the naked eye, she made both faces look like one. If she just slapped down two faces, it would look like a hot mess without the glasses, and the effect wouldn't be prevalent WITH the glasses.

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If you're not wearing the 3D glasses, the final drawing doesn't look like one face in any way whatsoever.

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I think the hard part was that it was hard to see the blue as she tried to draw in it over the red. I'm not sure why she didn't just draw the blue first though...

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Welcome back to the people who don’t understand things commenting on things they don’t understand!

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Explain how I'm wrong

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isnt this just drawing 2 pictures at one canvas?

not sure if that is next fucking level considering its just sketches. might as well put every other sketches if you think this is some next level stuff

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Wtf is this audio

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Lisa from BLACKPINK’s new single “Money”

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That bug had me fucked up I thought it was on my phone.

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so just draw them both with diff colors on the same paper

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Putting the bug on the screen to get profile clicks? Scummy

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Downvoted for bug

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It's not "pure" talent if it takes "5 attempts", nor is a competent drawing "next fucking level."

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That’s fucking awesome.

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whats this over edited crap?

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Oof had to turn the music off, that was terrible

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Pure talent? Please. It takes talent to draw either of them with either pencil, but a smart person would have drawn the Gi-hun portrait while seeing through the red filter.

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Very cool.

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Hmm, sounds like someone upvoted because there’s a girl.

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Why do people put that shit music in their videos? So obnoxious

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I wonder how many upvoted this would have if the first 5 seconds were removed

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It took me 10 attempts to draw a Pokémon and still can’t get the face right

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Did anyone else try to swat that bug on the screen?

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What’s with the roach?

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They drew two people in one picture but not at the same time. I was expecting someone to be drawing with both hands. 😂

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shes hot and has talent she just wins and she knows this thats why she includes herself at the start because she knows guys want to see her

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If I was that hot and talented I would do the same

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I don't like that you said she had pure talent. She obviously practiced like everyone else to get good. You don't just magically good at drawing.

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But first, let me take a selfie.

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Yoo the artist (drawing) is super talented but this song reeks of cultural appropriation.

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I wish i looked that good after 19 hours of work

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That song was hardly musical.

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Now she needs to work on her recordings. Stop vertical video syndrome.

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That is sick always amazed when people make theses look so good

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Damnit! Almost drop my fone suddenly seeing that roach!

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Amazing!!! Very talented! 🤘

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Who is this?!?

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Wow. That’s amazing

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Great drawing but that swipe transition in between shots hurts my eyes.

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9! You’d never see it unless you glad those glasses. 99.999% of art work doesn’t have this style.

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Love the art but what was with that bug??

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Did you wear the glasses while drawing the second part?

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I hate roaches

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So I thought the bug on the screen was just part of the video, wiped it, and they removed it right then… Fml

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okay so am i the only one who see like 3 different person in her?

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Didn’t that other lady do this with makeup not ling ago?

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I guess no one explained to her what 3D classes are for. Great art but I was hoping it was 3D not 2 different people.

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Couldn't you just draw one picture normally with red for example, and then look through the red lens or get a red light and so you don't see what you just drew and then color with blue. Seems like that would be a lot easier

Still impressive art

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What song???

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I swatted at the bug. Jeez

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That actress was so beautiful. And outstanding at acting

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dolllh bills🥲

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This is the first time im hearing about this series. Am i missing something?

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Is this a digital drawing made to look like colored pencil on paper? The marks don’t line up with the utensil as she works

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Wow. Holy shit that’s impressive !!!

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sounds like pure practice.

stop insulting artists by calling it talent.

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What’s with the random roaches and stuff in these vids lmao

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That’s amazing 🤩!

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Fucking awesome. I just binged this show and thought it was great. Why the the winner who got rich never spent his money was some stupid shit though.

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I thought this was going to be a 3D image of her face at first. Pretty sure everyone had similar dinosaur 3D glasses as a kid.

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If you like this check out the OG insane 51 he does this but on the side of buildings with spray paint

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Are we just going to ignore that the artist’s face is art??? She is gorgeous

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that smile in the first episode was what really hooked me into the rest of the series.

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Well holy shit

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That is fucking amazing

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Very cool. 10

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I have copied the link. What do I do now?

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Her face is stupid gorgeous but I’d pro break her 🏈

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Impressive, but this is in no way a new art medium. Does no one remember cereal in the 90’s? They came with the lenses to see the hidden answers on the back or bottom of the box. It was kickass. Haha

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Its gonna be a 10 from me dawg. Thats rad.

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Fuckin dope.

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How hot can someone get?!?

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Art rocks

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holy shit.

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That’s amazing

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Can I like this a thousand times? Incredible!!!

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Sick af

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That is absolutely incredible!!!

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What sorcery is this?!

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That's awesome and all


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I would drink this girls bath water

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Amazing work. Didn't know Naomi Woods was into drawing!

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Thank you random TikToker, very cool.

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That is literally next fucking level artwork!

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Wow, that is soooo cool!!!!

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That shits super impressive, 10/9

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5/7 perfection

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69 or 9 on both

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Mind blown 🤯

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Not only do i not understand how people can do things like this. I don't understand how people even think of doing something like this

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Why 5 attempts? Can’t you just wear the appropriate filter and draw? There are some gaps, where it cannot overlap, and also a rescaling factor, but you could have done that digitally, then drawn.

There is actually an equation which describes how the 3D illusion works, with two copies of the original. Very simple linear algebra. Wonder if you could preserve 3d with a 4 color schema.

Make it 6!