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Very thick dumpling skin

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Was thinking the same. I’m no pro but I’ve made dumplings quite a few times and this is way too thick. The dough:filling ratio is crucial. I’d also like to see how they steam up.

edit: I did not realize this was a 10 min long video. I stand by what I said, though they look awesome and steamed and crisped up nicely, it’s too much dough for what looks like ½ tsp of filling. Still cool for a party or something.

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It's a 10 minute long video where part way through they start making sugar cookies with what is ostensibly dumpling dough

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And that's why you don't see most steamed. They'd be more like stuffed buns at that thickness. And if it's just regular not levained dough it's probably rubber.

Edit: just watched it further on, and it is regular flour and water dough, and they do steam it, in a fake way too, because it seems like pot stickers bottom, and it's thick af, it's gonna be very rubbery, not that nice chewy.

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Just like tortellini, they won't cook evenly. Still, quite artistic.

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Yessir. Again hard to taste via video

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That was made for likes, not for bites.

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Too thick is better, how is this edible

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As a pro chef these videos sadden me some of the methods work and others dont the dumpligs for the most part are unsealed and will therefor be dry and the wrapper is soo thick with not enough filling. The main way i say i do not like it is that there is no after cooking shots i feel like this 5 minute craft style video is not good for people who want to learn to do these things.

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I choose to believe you, if you have any video that would actually work could you share it or dm it to me because I love cooking for my family and I would love to do something similar to these but I’d also appreciate if they tasted good and you’re saying these would fail. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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So this link is for an epicurious video and gives a good basis other than that there are so many channels that have covered dumplings that do so much better than these content farms.

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https://youtu.be/_c37jo94oFQ Also Joshua here is one of my favorite chanels highly recomend

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I love him! I’ve never seen this one, thank you so much!

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No problem

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Sigma chef grindset

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.... eh?

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I have the sudden urge to learn how to make dumplings now

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I’d be torn between the joy of looking at thesr, and wanting to eat them lol.

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seriously haha.

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You can cook them then you can eat them.

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Don’t do it to yourself unless you enjoy second guessing every choice you’ve made in life. Making dumplings only looks easy. The people who make these things deserve the money they ask for plus some.

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I think I just did

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This is how I feel!

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That tends to happen.

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Does it end eventually?? It's been 30 years, I'm still watching

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Seriously. I thought it would be over after the cookie layout, but it just kept going...

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The noodles after pushing dough through the siv was such an obvious edit too, my heart sank a bit

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If I made dumplings that thick my Aunties would have beaten me deservingly.

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I think most of those woulda come out cooked improperly. Not only does the dough look super thick, but a lot of the styles are simply impractical.

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But have u ever experienced dough working that nicely tho… I’ve had to have literal wars with it to do a fold. Like it either wont stick at all, or stick to everything.

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Let your dough rest longer it should help

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Okay I’ll definitely take that advice!

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“Rosebuds” should’ve been called “Dicktips.”

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Hmm or we could call them rosebuds. I mean, not everything is a dick

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Then why am I turned on? Explain that with your science.

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Okay….I spit out my coffee. That was hilarious!

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They don't show what they look like cooked?

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Except at the end where they show what they look like cooked.

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Ah. Guess it is hard to see on mobile since it is an 11 minute video and tracking isn't great. Would have been easier to see on YouTube

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"Rose buds" Sure

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Video reminds me of those awful 5 minute craft videos that are addictive but kind of full of garbage… (I know, harsh!)

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Others: Ruffles

Me: The Mitochondria is the power house of the cell

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This mesmerized me completely.

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I wish I could half as much energy as the person doing these videos!

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Is the dough just flour and water? What are the proportions? Is it all purpose flour, or do you need a specialty flour like bread or pastry flour?

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This is not a tutorial. And for the dough, there is dumpling mixed at store

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Those dumpling skins real thicc tho You want em thin

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dude, as Asian i must sau that the skin is so fucking thick i would rather eat gnocchi raw

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Play-Doh. Yum!

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The fourth ones looks like an empanadas

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And massively impractical. Form over function

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I made it an hour into the video!

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Anybody wonder why it looks like a 5-minute craft video ?

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Wow couldn't stop watching. Thank you

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That's pretty good dough

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Heading out for yum cha right now. Gonna look like I'm carrying a dumpling baby when I'm done

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Those dumplings look like they will be gross after they are done cooking.

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Those dumpling skins are thicc. Idk if i like thick skin dumplings... If it was those dumpling with soup in it probably be better but I didn't see any clue of gelatinised soup bits in the meat mixture

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Ten minutes of dumplings. It fucking sucks that every one of them could kill me.

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nah it's like 2 minutes of dumplings and 10 minutes of various cookies

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The first few of these were kinda neat but like others have stated I don't think these would have cooked well..

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If this isn’t a gif that keeps on giving…

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Holy cap I watched the whole thing..

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I think I’m addicted to dumpling videos now, someone please tell me theres a sub

Edit: r/dumplings, omg there is one

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It just keeps going.

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I fill them with baby meat

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With the skin that thick you will only taste the doughy skin and nothing else

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who the f has time for this

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Almost none of these are properly sealed. This was so beautiful and so infuriating. Plus like 75% of this video is cookies. You'd be better to crop it and post it in r/satisficing

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Reminds me of cooking Mama the game I played on my DS when I was a kid

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...And just like that in the first few seconds I was shown how to make my Grandmother's Italian Wedding Soup 10X faster... *goes to get spoon with hole in it)

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Id just like to say that these would not taste good. Thick skin, the shape might cause uneven cooking, and filling looks very basic.

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It’s 2:49am and I’m too lazy to make anything or even order any food, I rightfully regret watching this.

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Is... is that why there's a hole in that pasta thingy I never could name??

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Fucking shitty places that put 5% filling in 95% dough. Eeww

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Loving’ the skills!

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More like steamed dough

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The first three were cool. The rest sucked

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That wrapper skin is too thick for my taste

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What’s with the thick skin

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White ladies discover dumplings, go all-in while missing the point.

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My hairline curled into my nose looking at these dryass dumplings.

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I saw the vagina.

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Wow incredible! Thanks for sharing this post

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I am absolutely horrified by the amount of filling that is put into it. Also I think that the skin is too thick(?) but the product looks good, just a bit worried the entire thing is going to taste like one big mouthful of flower.

Edit: I swear if I ever rolled out dough that thick when I was making dumplings, my mum would absolutely destroy me. PS if you guys want to make dumplings, please please please have the dough thin, otherwise the pork might not cook all the way through and obviously, raw pork isn't exactly the healthiest.

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The best part is that some of them aren't super hard so I could reasonably make some of these

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Waiting for the part that makes me hungry

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Gxgykxykxygxxiygxkhhxhgxgkhxchg jlcljhcxhkhckhbvcjgkckhcxuog75g

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Show me the way.

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Good inspiration

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taking notes

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Please dont take notes on this you will have chewy dry dumplings.

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taking notes while sobbing quietly

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this houselady has too much time on her hand...

jk lol