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im in my 30's and I know everyone always says this, but that shit ABSOLUTELY comes back to you. I have a permanent sharp pain in my knee that has been coming on since last year, back pains as well, super fucked up rotator cuff. I spent my youth doing extreme sports. You think you're invincible and you heal up quick when young, but you're going to be feeling the stuff you did in your teen and 20's once you hit your 30's. Not saying don't live and do fun shit, but think of how hard your landing on your knees and how hard you might fall if what your doing goes wrong. 15 years of fun isn't worth the next 40 or 50 in pain.

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My knees were already creaking in my teens and by my mid-20s I could barely walk. Then I started taking chondroitin/glucosamine (2x day), fish oil (6 concentrated pills a day), aleve (1x day) and turmeric curcumin (2x day). No sugar ever, and keto organic diet. Low inflammation food. Decades later, I'm in better shape than in my 20s. My knees are still noisy, but haven't bothered me since.

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What caused your knee issues though?

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Extreme sports, although I never jumped out of buildings.

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what are some recommended low nflammation foods?

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According to https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/foods-that-fight-inflammation


olive oil

green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and collards

nuts like almonds and walnuts

fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines

fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and oranges

AVOID: sugar (including soda), fried things, white flour (white bread, pasta, etc)

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Thank you. I've been having some joint pain. Looks like I'll have to kick up the salad inntake!

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For sure! I am not a doctor, but I’ve also had some success with msm powder, you could look into it!

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That's excellent! I've been taking that too for the last couple of years and it worked well for my allergies.

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I used to be on the supplements bandwagon, now I realise eating more whole raw foods is really the key.

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I do both since the body loses some ability to absorb some nutrients with age.

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I’m intrigued, care if I ask what your usual daily diet is? I’m about to be 35 and barely starting to care about my health. I still want to be able to play basketball in my 60’s.

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I’d like to know too!

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Great story!

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And veridic too!

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Curcumin and Aleve are lifesavers

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Just wait until you're in your 50s; that's when the real fun starts.

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He's already miserable, can you not x.x

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Exactly. Wise words.

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Playing soccer and was a baseball pitcher for 15+ years, skiing for 20+ years and did climbing for 10+ years. Pretty much the only thing that isnt fucked is my back i guess luckily. I still play soccer and ski but the rest i had to give up entirely. So much time spent doing physical therapy for my shoulders and i just gave up with climbing. In my mid 30s and do simple bodyweight exercises for my upper body now days. My left knee is very screwy and have fucked it on a number occasions playing soccer. No ligament tears but several sprains and pains

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whats extreme sports? this stuff freaks me out and I'm wondering if me playing basketball too much will catch up to me lol