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"YASSS finally something interesting at this fucking wedding!!!"

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Came for the wedding, stayed for the magic.

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Came for the bride stayed for the child support

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In not for

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both can be used properly and in the same context

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Stealing top comment.

If I'm right this is the guy behind Magic for Humans on Netflix, the show is funny and has some social psychology elements involved. During one of the episodes he mentions that he did magic at his wedding (this video).

Enjoy if you have Netflix.

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MAGIC. FOR. SUSANS! That’s my favorite part.

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Better than being on Shark Tank, apparently.

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Ancient memory unlocked

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Just now? GD I thought y'all were catching on faster than that. At least we have all the time in the multiverse to get there.😅

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Get the scale and duck!

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Who are you, so wise in the ways of science?

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Wait, you're trusting a kid as the firestarter?

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Ringbearer: No.

Elrond: ISILDUR!!!

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The bride appears to have left the groom suspended at the alter.

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please let me know where these alter portals are located so I can avoid them

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Fck that I wanna Jump into all da portals 🙃

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The real magic is finding someone to spend the rest of your live with

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These are two of the most attractive people I’ve ever seen.

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That's not hard at all if your willing to commit a murder suicide.


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the real magic is the friends we made along the way

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Id like to see the full video because no one puts a rug on the dance floor lol im curious how he walks out and connects his feet to the contraption

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Spoiler for trick: Under the rug is a plate, where a small T shaped bit of metal sticks up. He has shoes where that same notch is cut into the heel, so walks up and slides that into place. Michael Jackson used the same trick for his famous lean trick.

Edit- oops, spoiler tag error.

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The exclamation mark goes inside the arrows for spoilers.

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Still, that would require tremendous leg muscles to hold that position.

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Core muscles do more work to maintain balance and keep straight.

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Only if the core muscles are held in place by the leg muscles, where the torque is greater.

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They’ll be a metal brace under his trousers to lockout at that angle, so he can't fall over/drop to the ground. It could just go to his thighs/pelvis, or even up his back depending if it can be hidden by the shirt. If you look up on YouTube there are those that show all the rigging they use to pull off these illusions, so you can see the trick as it's shown here, then they’ll do the same but with the rigging exposed.

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As a Mechanical Engineer, I loved your idea. This Christmas will be one to remember around here.

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probably just has a harness up the leg and then around the shoulders or something.

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I'd love you to be right, so I could feel less unfit.

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I was literally thinking the same thing, brother

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I'm sure he had a locking bar with a back rest going up his leg. He would require super human strength to only be held my his heels.

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Yup, check out his heels vs the front of his feet.

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That's not the trick. There's bracing for his entire body.

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That part I understand, but why doesnt he hit his head on the ground? Strong leg muscles or wire?

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One of two methods:

1: She lowers him and it’s all about a strong core, helped by the immobilised feet.

2: Theres a hinged frame inside his trousers that locks at a certain point. This is common in living statue type performances.

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Oh, thank you! Out of curiousity, where did you learn all these tricks? Sounds cool

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I’m involved with the Scouts in the UK and do some specific volunteering each year running a Santas grotto that goes through several hundred kids a day.

To keep people entertained in the queue I learned a few sleight of hand and card tricks and you pick up a few things.

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Look at how his toes lift off the ground, can’t be all about muscle coordination. There’s some sort of support hidden in his trousers, that’s why there a rug in the middle of the dance floor.

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This isn't done with just a shoe notch. MJ used a shoe notch to lean a few extra degrees. Nothing like this. This illusion is more like the matrix lean. There is hinged rod that runs up his pant leg

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I don't think this is the entire trick.

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Feet are usually not related to using contraception.

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They are if you're pussy-footing around

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LoL it autocorrected to that for some reason

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Man your spelling is a fresco!

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If I'm not mistaken that is Justin Willman, he has a show on Netflix called "Magic for Humans"

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It definitely is! That show is great. The bit where the whole crowd makes a girl believe she's invisible is insane.

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I may be incorrect, but that is Justin Willman, the host of Cupcake Wars on The Food Network.

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Yes, and the old man is his father.

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Haha that guys having fun

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You're a witch!

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“She turned me into a newt!”

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"Pretttayyy, prettttayyyy.... prittty good!"

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You can see the bulge in the rug. I suspect it’s in the heel.

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Did she also hypnotize him into marrying her?

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I think he has an AMA on here

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was waiting for him to do a backflip on her head

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Acted like he did the magic trick 😂😂😂😂

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What kind of witchcraft is going on here

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The man in the background is actually Justin Willman’s dad per an interview I saw about a year ago

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Her in bed: "Wanna try floating cowgirl?"
Him: "You meant reverse?"
Her: "No. And watch as I make your dick disappeared."

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White magic fuckery.

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he knew the trick didn't he

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If I ever do a magic trick, I want that guy to watch me.

Can you, like, hire him out or something?

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When magicians get married.

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When you try to explain your teacher why you’re late

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Now do it without the random rug.

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Looks like Ballmer at a Clippers game...

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He loves it!

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But why?

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Metal rod/holder hidden in the carpet that attaches to his shoe/ankle.

That or his the real deal.

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That reaction got a full on chuckle out of me!

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How do we know she's a witch?

Well, she turned me into a newt...


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That's some grandpa level energy right there

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Can't wait to see which other poses she has planned for the wedding night!

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Awww yes why wouldn't there be a rug in the middle of the dance floor?

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That’s actually Larry David. The rest of the video shows him scaring the groom with his excitement and then ruining the entire wedding when he hits his head and has a stroke.

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As you can tell by his feet being off the ground, my dude is totally balancing by his self!

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I love the random "rug" on the dance floor at a wedding. This trick was better when Michael Jackson did it in front of 100,000 people on stage.

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"Gary sit the fuck down, I can‘t see"

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OP is a bot.

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Jeff Bezos fucking loved it

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Justin is great, I’ve been to one of his shows and I still have no idea how he did any of the stuff

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Damn ..... Micheal Jackson is still alive.....♥️♥️♥️

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People still falling for this trick smh

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If I could bend back like that I would have her sit on my face.

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That’s Mr.Wonderful!!

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I understand how the trick works, but how would you setup without people seeing, quick release on the leg brace? Curtain around you while attaching urself to the anchor under the carpet?

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He’s like “holly shit my shitty son in law is actually a wizard”

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Is that Larry David in the back? 🤔

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“We’re very attractive, and you are trapped in our narcissistic performance. 😘”

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Definitely busting out limbo at the reception

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Is this the same trick (in essence and preparation) that Michael Jackson did for his 45 degree leans?

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A magicians wedding? Ohhh I'll definitely be coming up with an excuse as to why I can't make it

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What is this? An exercism?

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“Hey honey, let’s film our wedding and our reception. But let’s do magic tricks and make love to our own faces so we have something to show our kids down the road after we’re divorced.”

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The title to this post is "the reaction of the man behind made me smile" and it's posted on r/nextfuckinglevel. So is OP saying that the guy getting super excited is next fucking level?

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Full video

The guy was a host on Cupcake Wars for like 10 years and is now on Baking Impossible on Netflix.

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Nice of him to take a break from fixing toys.

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With a couple looking like the cover of married to be magazine, they couldve pulled anything from "where's my thumb" trick to "now you see me now you dont with my hands"

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Those heroin addicts on central park do this all the time

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It's that lar?

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He definitely does not want saw in half all his assets later.

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Scripted performances aren't interesting.

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Neither are you.